Oh Sweet Mystery of Life…

Ever gone to a bar and completely forgotten it’s Cinco de Mayo?  Me either.  But despite Hoboken being about as monochromatic as imaginable, my peeps are out in full force celebrating the holiday.  Speaking of which…Did you know that yesterday was StarWars Day? May the fourth be with you…

Things are looking up on the housing front.

I take it all back.  The people currently living in my house are obviously wonderful and kind because we’ve successfully made it out of attorney review.  Well, we were out of review for about half an hour – then went back into review – and now we’re back out.  Dizzy yet?  Me too.  It’s worse than riding passenger while Rocco speeds around a Jersey off-ramp.  Woof.

This morning involved wiring money all around, scheduling a home inspection, begging for an extension since no one was available for the inspection, rescheduling a home inspection, scheduling a tank sweep, faxing the equivalent of half a redwood forest, and writing a check so hefty I almost lost control of my bowels.  I’m so excited I could spit!

So now all that stands between me and my hella fabulous house is inspection, appraisal, mortgage commitment…and a solid month of couch surfing.  I’d love to say I’ll just pretend like we’re on a camping vacation, but I hate camping.  At least there’s running water.  There’s also at least seven bars within a two block radius – I think I can survive.

This all feels a little bit like when I try to water ski.  Technically, I can get up and out of the water, but the second I realize I’m skiing and zipping along at just barely under the speed of light, I freak out and let go.  There’s a part of me that is screaming, “LET GO!”  But I’m hoping I won’t.  The good news is, I think it’s too late to even have a chance at letting go.

Now I can focus on the debauchery of celebrating DrewL’s fortieth this weekend.  Conveniently, we’ll be able to toast Bruthrword’s birthday as well.  I may have a trick or two up my sleeve…

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