No Hard Feelings

I’m having trouble with words, lately. Most of the pieces I’m working on right now are humor. But some days…weeks…months…the funny is harder to find.

Yes, humor is important. Always. Hell, even The Atlantic is saying that satire will save The Republic. But forced jokes are never funny, never work.


I’m not going to even try to come up with something pithy this week. Because clearly part of me needs to mourn a moment. And if I don’t let it have its moment, that mourning part of me will just keep sneaking into everything I do – like it did in this video.

So I’m going to let this crack widen enough to let in the light. Then I’m going to hold my family close, watch the birds eat the seeds out of my garden, and send up some thanks to the military personnel that have fought to protect our nation and those that continue to do so.

Happy Memorial Day, y’all. I hope you’re able to spend the holiday with someone you love.


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