I finally did it.  I turned off my subscription to Netflix.  I’m doing the unthinkable and mailing back their copy of Twilight.  Of course, I’m only able to do this because my enabler, Gwen, purchased me the limited edition three disc version from Target with all sorts of bonus features.  I think she just wanted someone else sucked down into her level of Twihard.

I now have a copy of the movie on my iPod, on my computer and in my very own DVD player.  Fortunately I have yet to figure out how to download a copy onto Webster.  Regardless, it’s still incredibly dangerous for me to have such easy access to the Cullens.  The odds of me ever accomplishing anything in my life ever again have no plummeted to somewhere below one in five bazillion.

I guess I started it, but Gwen took that ball and just started rolling with it like there was no tomorrow.  After we watched it for fifty-third time, I called her the next day.

“I really like this 13 year old girl thing we have going on,” she squealed in greeting as she picked up the phone.

“Seriously!  What is happening?!”

“Don’t care.  I like it.  And on that note, I want to talk about me.”

“Seriously, I have a problem.  Rob is too pretty for words.”

“Way to suck me into your hell.  I don’t want to do my homework!!! At all!”

That conversation took me right back to High School!  Now if only I could go back to the jobs I had when I was actually a teenager – working at Peaches Records and Tapes and spinning every Friday night at WQFS.  But I digress…

Apparently I will never actually watch An Inconvenient Truth.  Even being the big hippie that I am, I somehow never pulled it off.  I’ve had the same three movies in my house since May.  It’s time to admit I do not utilize Netflix to the best of my ability.

Rocco and I have this thing where we feel like we need to watch the movies together, but we’re never actually home at the same time.  On the rare occasion that we are, there’s usually nine hundred other things that we need to do.  Sitting around for two and a half hours to watch some French flick from the 30’s (Rocco’s pick) does not ever make it onto the top of my list of priorities.

It’s probably stupid to cancel membership right as it’s about to get cold and miserable outside  and I’ll be looking for excuses to hide from the weather.  Apparently the Netflix people will save my queue for two years in case I change my mind.  So I can pick it back up again just in time for the release New Moon on DVD.  I’ll need to redouble the efforts of my Twilight obsession.  Maybe I should go ahead and at that to the top of my queue right now.