Nervous Uke

It’s a mess here.  In every sense of the word.

I’ve set a new record for time between showers.  My kayak was starting to feel like my teeth do after eating spinach.   FYI – not sexy.

Also I just found a watermelon seed behind my ear.  Fascinating.

Anyway, I did pull of a uke video.  Sort of.



Happy Memorial Day, Interwebz…especially to our troops.  I thank you for your service.  And I salute you with charred meat and cold beer.  HaZAH!


  1. I love your video…love your song…love seeing Paul in the back destroying library books!

  2. I hate to tell you this, Elly, but someone stole all the furniture in your front room. Looks like they left you a picture for the wall though. Thieving bastards.

  3. My kids are teens and they still roll around in the background but now it’s because they’re drunk. Sigh.

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