My Valentine’s Day Gift to You

Everyone loves a corporate-manufactured holiday, right? Another chance to forget to buy something no one really needs to somehow prove you love someone else? An additional opportunity to generate more clutter to later Marie Kondo and end up in the landfill?

NEVER FEAR! I am here to save the day!

Ok technically Alex and Michael are the ones saving the day. And Kittery Clinton.

The point is, I’ve wasted this entire snow day making Amongst the Liberal Elite Valentines for YOU. You can save these to your phone and text to all your loved ones instead of handing them high fructose corn syrup in a box. Print them out, let your kids go nuts with the glitter, then send them to class armed with political statements and smiles. Upload them to spoonflower, print them out on fabric, then make swinging zoot suits for your jazz band.

They are yours to do with as you see fit and I’m done making suggestions because I AM NOT THE BOSS OF YOU.

(Though if you do douse them in glitter and rainbows, will you please, please post a pic?)

Up for a little role play?
All bets are off should one start supporting Jill Stein.
Kittery. Always the voice of reason.
Mmm. That filter looks GOOD on you.
The shocks are shockingly bad.
Now THAT is a bold decree.
But then you have to get RIGHT BACK OFF TWITTER before you see one of 45’s.
When in doubt, get naked.
Eyes on the prize, team.

NOW GO FORTH AND SPREAD VD. (That’s not “venereal disease” just to be clear.) And if you insist on buying a gift for you Valentine, may I suggest a copy of Amongst the Liberal Elite: The Road Trip Exploring Societal Inequities Solidified by Trump (RESIST)?