My Mom Still Smokes

Actually Pegger the Kegger hasn’t smoked since she realized she was an incubator. V.C. Chickering‘s mom is the one who still smokes. But wait, I’m ahead of myself again.

I spent last week at the most magical of writing places, the Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop. Two years ago I took a wild leap, invested in myself, and spent four inspiring days with the wittiest of women (and a humorous handful of dudes) learning how to be funnier, be better, and be braver. You may remember, I won the pitchapalooza competition last time. And that’s how I managed to score the insight and mentorship of The Book Doctors – two of the savviest and giving people I’ve ever met – which led to the creation of THIS book.

Hang on a second while I pinch myself. Because this whole getting-to-make-a-book thing? I keep thinking one of these days it’s going to be start being less exciting. But so far, every time I see a new page of art, my heart explodes again with happiness.

Look…here’s a teaser of what Alex and Michael will be wearing in Chapter 4.

I MEAN COME ON! How freaking talented and witty is Joan Reilly?

Speaking of talented and witty, I need to bring it back to the V.C. Chickering story I started, don’t I? I started stalking her about two years ago, too. She lives near me and has this smart, sexy, and scandalous book called Nookietown. After I saw her perform at Listen To Your Mother, I decided to woo her and convince her to be my friend.¬†Weirdly enough, that strategy actually worked! And now we do things like drink coffee and eat scones together.


So after listening to me gush about how magical the Erma Workshop is, she decided to join me this year. We even roomed together! Two-years-ago me is shitting herself.

So you see I really had no choice when she asked me, “If I can get a spot, will you stand on stage with me and snap?”


And so, dear reader, instead of your standard #UkuleleFridays I give you V.C. Chickering and her snapping sidekick with seven chins on the Erma stage.