My Groupie

I have a groupie.  I have one groupie.  Don’t laugh, Internet.  One is a start.

Sure, there are several of you dedicated readers that check my random ramblings regularly.  Paul, however, is my only regular reader with whom I’m never shared a bed or a blood line.  Sadly, a shocking number of you fall into BOTH of those categories.

Not only does he read every single post, he also frequently comments – both here and on Facebook.  In fact, he’s so consistent that I actually started to get a bit concerned after a few days without a Paul comment.

“Have you talked to Paul lately?” I asked Rocco.

“Not in the past day or so,” he responded.

“Well I haven’t heard a peep from him in days.  You should check in on him and make sure he’s OK.”  I worry, you know.  I worry both for his health…and for my traffic.

Before I could really get myself worked up into a good solid tizzy, Rocco called with an update a mere two hours later.  “Paul is fine and promises he hasn’t missed a single post.  He’s just swamped with work right now.”

The panic subsided and I’ve redoubled my efforts to keep Paul amused.  If things really take off, maybe he’ll be my first restraining order some day!  Then again, that might make next Easter a bit awkward.


  1. Okay, I just learned that when a site accepts html tags, you shouldn’t bracket comments in those arrow thingies.

  2. Repeat of what I wrote yesterday, knowing what I know now.

    (Stands, shyly waves, sits down)

    Not the same. Darn.

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