My Day with Angelina Jolie

I just realized I totally forgot to tell you about the time I took a tiny plastic figurine of Laura Craft around Manhattan taking pictures for Omawarisan.

So this one time, I took a mini-Jolie and made her do obscene things with a giant bronze Picasso.  Then I took photographs.  Because it seemed like a good idea.

Also, have you ever had to explain to the manager of a cell phone store why you HAVE to recover the photos from your old phone because otherwise the world would never see this:

I'm Sorry Pablo.

Yeah, me either.

You can see the whole adventure here.


  1. This is The Jolie’s second year of travel and that is unquestionably THE shot of the series. Thank you so much for getting this and all the other shots…but especially this one.

    Remember, The Jolie isn’t bad, she’s just molded that way.

  2. My Luke Skywalker and Han Solo dolls just left my Jennifer Anniston Barbie and set out to find AJ. Does it ever get any easier?

  3. Now I recommend you spend a day with Jolie’s lips.
    (Sorry. That sounded wrong but yup, pressing submit anyway.)

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