My Bucket Has a Uke In It

Oh hi.  It’s Friday again.  I’m not sure how that keeps sneaking up on me seeing as how it happens damn near every week, but somehow it does.

The adorable Kirsten (you might remember her as the dear sweet gal that requested Red River Valley for her dad) emailed me to point out that Monday is “My Bucket’s Got a Hole In It Day.”  Who knew?  So obviously I had to learn this song.  Fast.  And yes I left out a verse.  But really, I think we can all agree it’s not a bad thing when these videos are shorter rather than longer.

Since I know you guys really watch these videos for a Mildred cameo – and today she couldn’t be bothered – here’s a photo of her hot, sleepy, and still in her pajamas, too.

You can't tell with the fur but I assure you she's sweating.

Everyone knows the Interwebz is closed Monday, so don’t look for me here.  I’m also going to skip Tuesday because I have a hot date with my favorite oncologist.  (Feel free to cross your fingers for another clean test.)  So I’ll be back Wednesday.  Until then, remember to be kind to your vagina.  And remember it’s mother fucking booze time, bitches.


  1. I have GOT to start carrying some ear buds around with me on Fridays! In the meantime, I’ll imagine you’re singing “There’s a whole in my bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza…” until I can hear you getting your uke on!

    Got everything crossed for ya, Love!

  2. My bucket’s *always* got a hole in it, if you know what I mean…

    (PS: even I don’t know what that means but I try to make most things as dirty as possible)

  3. love that ending!

    my clean scan dance will be in full effect this weekend.

    happy memorial day to you, rocco, mildred and that little crotch sprocket yours! xoxo

    1. Fortunately it’s not a scan, just bloodwork. I’m pretty sure the parasite wouldn’t like a scan. Somehow I suspect you have a clean blood dance, too…you know from your time living under cover in the zombie village.

  4. I thought the song you were talking about was “There’s a hole in the bucket.” I’m glad I was wrong, because I despise that song more than any other song in the world. “My bucket’s got a hole in it” was a welcome surprise. Good job!

  5. I have decided to become the human pretzel just for you. All appendages, eyeballs, and if can work out how, vagina will be crossed for you from now until your hot date on Tuesday. Mind you I already know it’ll be clean as a whistle, cause I have said so and as you know I control the universe.

  6. My hole has a bucket in it.

    AND yes it is very uncomfortable.

    You are so fine. And everything in you is just as fine.

    I may not be making any sense to any one other than me right now.

    Miss you lover girl!

  7. Sort of sad that your blood will be clean. It should be all littered with booze. Getting knocked up was not your best idea ever. *snort*

    Love you baby, and your gloriously sparkling clean blood!

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