Just because it would be downright tragic if any of you missed this, here’s the new video of OK Go performing the Muppet theme song.  Because OBVIOUSLY.

There’s a whole album, you know.  It’s just filled with muppetational songs and it’s called Muppets: The Green Album.  NPR has the whole thing available for a listen here.  I think my personal favorite is Matt Nathanson’s cover of “I Hope That Something Better Comes Along.”

That’s probably just because Rowlf has always been my favorite.  There’s something irresistible-ish about him.  “I finish work, I go home, read a book, have a couple of beers, take myself for a walk, and go to bed.”

Which reminds me, I really need to waddle my gigantic, fire-filled ass out to Queens to catch that Jim Henson exhibit before it closes!


  1. I heard the story on NPR this morning about the new album (in advance of the movie) and I WANT IT! They played a snippet or two from it, including OK Go’s cover of the theme. The video is great!

    When we were living on Crete, my dad filled a vhs tape with muppet show episodes and sent it to us.

  2. Yeah, so I was really enjoying the video until the end of it reminded me of Jake Gyllenhal in Sourcecode. For those of you who have seen the movie you will understand that reference and you are now saying to yourself…..”OMG, wicked, you sick bitch” you’re welcome! Glad I could ruin the adorable video for you too.
    Seriously though, it’s the most sensational, inspirational, muppetational……..
    I freaking love the muppets!!!!

  3. Did my mother send you that video too?! She knows us so well.

    Rowlf had a wonderful wit! I loved Veterinarians Hospital:

    Miss Piggy: Dr. Bob, you don’t look well. Are you alright?
    Rowlf: I’m still in shock from what happened to my last patient.
    Miss Piggy: But you cured him.
    Rowlf: You don’t think that was a shock?

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