More Than Ukes

You know I love requests.  I especially love cheesy 80’s requests.

And I love wine.

And I love my friends.

And this is what happens when one of my friends requests a cheesy 80’s ballad and we drink enough wine that I’m somehow able to convince him it should be a duet.

Now just in case you need a palate cleanser, here’s another fun uke video from some Australian peeps and THAT GUY HAS A SHINY SILVER UKE!

It really doesn’t take much to amuse me.  Also my head hurts.  Also you may have to MFBT without me because I’m still recovering from last night.  I’m either hungover, getting sick, or recovering from a ghost nutting in my nasal passages.

I’m going to stop now.  Happy Friday!


  1. Brilliant! Now. I would like to see an experiment stem from this: I would like to see this same song and duet partner, only different alcohols: tequila shots, chichis, martinis … you can try different outfits too, though that might wreck the experiment.

    Wish I knew this guy. He’s rad. Also? The ’80s.

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