Mom vs Twilight

Mom:  So your father and I watched that Twilight movie you keep mooning over.

Me:  Yeah?

Mom:  Yeah.  I don’t get it.

Me:  Really?!

Mom:  Yeah.  He’s not very good – and strange looking.  And I can’t stand watching that chick.  She’s absolutely horrible!

Me:  I never said it was good.  In fact I think I expressly stated the acting was horrible.

Mom:  How many times have you watched this again?

Me:  Um, I dunno, maybe twenty-six or so?

Mom:  I just don’t get it.

Me:  I think you have to embrace your inner thirteen year old girl.

Mom:  I don’t think neither I nor your father has one of those anymore.

So of course I watched Twilight for the twenty-seventh time to make sure I’m still obsessed.  Check.

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