1. P.S. That was my Buddy the Elf impression. I don’t really want one. Unless it’s filled with unicorns or cheesecakes or something really great.

  1. Awesome! Even the chord you hated was great!

    As for the cat puke – my hubby repairs printers – he has found worse and no you do not want to know about it. LMAO

      1. For some reason my computer isn’t letting me reply to the reply – but yeah – one of the printers my hubby repaired was full of bugs (cockroaches). Some of them were dead some were still alive and eating the dead ones to stay that way. I am glad he works at an office and NOT from home. I would have killed him if he had brought that into our house. He brings home all kinds of stories about the stuff on and in peoples computers and printers. UGH. LOL

  2. Missionary style, or something off of page 36 in the Kama Sutra, it doesn’t matter to me.

    So long as Ms. PacMan and a purple ghost are involved. Wocka…wocka…wocka…

  3. I like your expression during the problematic chord. Very rock’n’roll. Also the fading reverb on “believe, believe, believe.” Perfect. BTW, I haven’t been practicing. I don’t know what my problem is.

  4. Dude, I’m not sure I spotted the chord but I spotted the point where you obviously sat on a particularly spicy scorpion. You kept it together though, well done.

    Also, I’m loving your hair. I want it. I want to rock short, funky, kick-ass hair.

    I also want a pony, world peace and Nathan Fillion wrapped in a fig leaf. Thanks.

  5. Ya know, I saw a friend’s 4 year old make that same chord face after snorting peppercorns up their nose. Of course, I prefer your musical delivery much more than the 4 year old’s bb gun reaction to something unpleasant. Way to go! I’m sure Annie is so proud. Have a great weekend!

  6. Tell Rocco I said Happy Birthday, and that the older you get, the more you should feel good about yourself because of who you’re sleeping with.

  7. Which cord you have trouble with? I can’t really tell. 🙂

    Happy birthday Rocco. Significant eh? Must be 42? Wait. That’s the answer to life. Never mind. 29? Wait. That’s for the ladies. Well, anyway, happy bitching birthday this Monday!

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