Meet Herbert

I can’t believe I am actually posting a video of me attempting to sing and play a ukulele.  Well, the good news is my family will now have more than sufficient evidence when the have me involuntarily committed.  You should probably go read a different blog now and skip this video entirely.

Run.  Now.  Don’t look back.  Definitely don’t click play.

The sirens in the background at the end?  Yup.  That’s the Hoboken PD coming to arrest me for my crimes against music.  I am so, so, very sorry.


  1. You couldn’t be any cuter if you wore a little hat while singing. 🙂 Miss you, bunny!

  2. THAT WAS AWESOME. SERIOUSLY. Why I had goose bumps, I don’t know. P.S. You are beautiful and I don’t mean that in a lesbian way.

  3. Can you bring this and sing me to sleep at the Hilton every night?
    I can’t emphasize enough how awesome this is.

  4. Very cool! I’ve been trying to learn that song on my ukelele, on which I have very marginal talent and skill (at best).

  5. UGH! i was so looking forward to watching this but my work computer is the bulls balls (yeah, not sure either) but from the blips i was able to make out in between buffering i see that you, YOU!, are ADORABLE and seeing you in (semi)action makes me wish that i had a CLUE how to play MY uke which just sits around lookin’ pretty and collecting dust.

    1. You should probably thank your employer from shielding you from such horror. Also? I’m totally going to start saying bulls balls, too.

  6. Dude.

    1. You are making cords.
    2. You are singing in tune , and actually singing the harmony . It’s awesome.
    3. Take that up a notch, and I’ll accompany you on drums.

  7. Elly, I love you. You do not suck. I smiled all the way through this. It was great. Rock on, Sister. Thanks for the smile. Next time, hmmmm, Beautiful World? A little something from Jack Johnson? Looking forward to it.

    1. I LURV them. I’m all about “I Heart You Online.” Clearly I need someone with harmonizing skillz for my next breakout hit. You busy next Friday?

  8. Now, you know something interesting . . . . I actually quite enjoyed that. Of course I do have a music disabilty . . . . lol

  9. Wow. You are even more adorable than I thought you were. I’m definitely going to have to up my stalking of you.

    I mean cute, funny and you can play the ukelele. Does it get better?? If only you were a little younger and not married. You’d be Sean’s dream girl. And then I could be your mother in law instead of just your stalker. *sigh*


  10. Hey, how the hell did I miss THIS stellar post? You’re even singing that rotund Hawaiian guy’s version of “Over the Rainbow”. So gorgeous. And what the hell woman, you can’t sing? I think you lie!

    Plus the rock and roll ending? Dude. Awesome.

    P.S. You’re so pretty! I always envision uke players as having goatees and those big cable sweaters but you hide yours well! 🙂

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