Master of Your Domain

The little one and I were out at a bar (SHOCKER!) recently with a group of friends.  As usual, the conversation turned to all things lighting.  Thom and I know very little about lighting – only slightly more than we know about hamster milking.  Needless to say, we can’t really contribute on a debate over using the Virtuoso console over a Whole Hog or an Obsession.  (If those words aren’t appropriate feel free to substitute [INSERT APPROPRIATE LIGHTING LINGO HERE].)  When they discuss a patch, I assume it involves some repair work on a pair of torn jeans.

So as the discussion on Fashion Week thickened, I looked over to find Thom looking blankly at the TV over my head.  There’s no way that boy was watching the game, so I assumed he’d been sucked into some commercial targeted to males age 25 – 35 (like ALL the ads on ESPN).

“Pssst,” I hissed at him.

Returning to reality, his eyes regained focus and he resumed gnawing on the best wings in the ‘boken.

My eyes shot to the right.  All things lighting were still under rabid discussion.  They wouldn’t miss us one bit.

“How are things?” I asked.

He answered with the typical shrug response then smirked.  “This is why I wanted to sit on this end for the ‘girl talk.’  Did I tell you about my new favorite TFLN?”

After the cursory catch up chat – who’s been up to what and other nonsense – we were free to talk about the unimportant offensive things that are the basis of our entire relationship.  Well, I suppose there’s the blood relative thing, too, but the completely inappropriate banter is far more fun.

Apparently Thom was out with his peeps earlier in the week, getting their drink on, and the conversation turned to masturbation.  (You ok, Mom?  It was his friends, his conversation…don’t look at me.  I’m a pristine totem of purity.)  Apparently there was a dispute between the fellas and they were quite divided.  As the argument was conducted in a public place, the guys decided to use a food analogy for subtlety.  Thom summed up the arguments for both sides:

On the opposed side of the debate:  “I don’t like to snack between meals.  I need to be sure I’ll be hungry.”

On the pro side:  “Sometimes, if you don’t snack, when you finally sit down to a meal, you eat WAY too fast.”


  1. I have to admit I’m torn myself. The “between meal snack” does require a bit of timing to back really effective.

  2. What! Thom decided to use language to be more subtle?!? I’m not buying that… Who are you and what have you done with the real Thom.

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