This week has been full of news – most of it hard. Some would say that such weeks aren’t the time for silly ukulele videos. I’d agree with them for the most part. But picking up a ukulele feels like a better way to cope than drinking or destroying or detonating.

And so I strum.

Which is how this video happened. Which I considered not posting.

Then I thought more about Mr. Manilow’s body of work.  It’s not exactly dripping with protest songs or political commentary, is it?

Does that lessen its value or impact?

I don’t think so. I think there’s no greater gift than making someone feel seen or heard, to give voice to the emotions someone else feels and cannot express. Sometimes, yes, it’s anxiety over the state of our world. But sometimes it’s as simple as being lonely. Or as jubilant as experiencing love. Of that, Barry is the master.

So I celebrate him. I celebrate his (not exactly shocking) announcement. And I celebrate his partner of 39 years. Because it’s important we celebrate joy amidst all this insanity in the world.

As one of my heroes liked to say, “Until further notice, celebrate everything.”

All of this rambling is really just a long way of saying: Look! A Barry Manilow cover! And Happy Friday!