Love Lost

Me:  I don’t know how to break this to you.

Thom:  What?

Me:  I don’t want you to get too upset.

Thom:  What?

Me:  This news could alter your life forever.

Thom (yawning):  What?

Me:  Your future husband…

Thom:  Um.

Me:  …my adorable brother-in-law-to-be…

Thom:  Elly, I’m still not gay.

Me:  …the queen of your dreams…

Thom:  Seriously…again with this?  I know you always wanted a sister but…

Me:  …has met someone.

Thom:  Oh.  It’s cool.

Me:  Really?  No twinge of regret?

Thom:  Nah.  This just solidifies my status as the Other Woman.

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