Lost On You

Some days you’re the leggings. You’re just phoning it in, knowing that your day is going to involve way more leisure than athletics and she’s really wearing you because she’s too bloated after “Wings and a Pitcher Night” to wear a proper waistband. The pilling of your fabric happening in the inner thigh area is so annoying you almost forget to be upset about the schmear of cream cheese crust that somehow never comes off in the wash. Then some lady writes a letter about your criminally sexy intentions and you spend the rest of the day caught up in protest posts on Instagram.

Some days you’re the mildly delirious mom with a poorly thought out analogy, little desire to fix it, and a sinus cavity that seems to have adopted an open borders immigration policy.

Next week is April. Which means WE DID IT. A ukulele song and blog every Friday! YAY TEAM!

Did it help the Winter grays? I dunno. Maybe? I can’t say it feels like the world is going to suddenly explode with flowers and rainbows and joy now that we’re on the cusp of April. I suspect it will be as anti-climactic as the response to the Mueller Report.

But that doesn’t mean that a change isn’t still coming.

Green stalks are pushing their way out of the ground. Bugs are waking up. Bulbs that have been biding their time are finally unleashing the power they’ve been storing all winter. Soon there will be at least an explosion of color and activity.

Then again, some asshole deer ate all my fucking burgeoning tulips to the nubs so I’ll be enjoying all of that exploding color vicariously on walks by the yards of other people that still have hope for their fucking tulips.

Yeah it’s safe to say I still haven’t completely shaken the grays.

Blame it on the news. The Universe. The daunting percentage of my friends that are struggling. And the daunting percentage of people I don’t know that are struggling. And the percentage of both of those that are STRUGGLING.

But as the hella talented and wise Jennifer Rosen Heinz of Outside Voice once said, the best way to overcome your own struggles is to help others with theirs. Or something like that. She’s very eloquent and I’m probably fucking that up but you get the gist.

So this week (which will be the last new #ukulelefridays for a while because PHEW!), I wanted to to do something for someone else. And no, it’s not very cheery. I do usually prefer to bring the cheery.


But sometimes people don’t want to be “cheered up.” They would rather be seen. Be heard. Look – this quote from Rene Denfeld says it all.

So. Anyway. A ukulele song. For my friend Samara. And for you. At least I still managed to find a ridiculous face for the still? So there’s at least one laugh for you.

And please remember you aren’t alone. And if you feel alone? Please ask for help.


  1. I hate when entities mess with your fucking tulips, man! I have a neighbor who is a complete tool and who waited till I went on vacation then cut the shit out of my fuchsia bush because he thought it blocked the light to his basement. No man messes with MY bush!


    I miss all my old blog buddies, so glad you are still out there woman! And still ukulele Fridaying it. Still play my uke as well, though no one’s getting to see MY efforts. 🙂

    I hear you too, I know so many people going through shit at the moment. What is UP Cosmos? Hope you’re well?

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