Lindsay Lohan (The Drink)

I’m a little overwhelmed from a weekend with my family and friends.  Not that anything out of the ordinary happened.  It was just a regular family function filled with vibrating cock rings, purple feather boas, tiny tiaras, and shrinky dinks.  Somehow, I’m still a little behind on my sleep.

Speaking of cock stuff, you should see the patriotic number I found for yesterday’s Craftastrophe.  Woof.

Seeing as how I’m still drooling and trying not to hack up a lung,  I’m going to flat our cheat.  Watch while I blatantly rip off Buffy of Hip Hop Hippie fame, and post my new favorite cocktail recipe – The Lindsay Lohan.  It’s easier than…well…Lindsay herself.  Just make your standard Red Headed Slut, then  throw in a little coke.  (Thanks Chris!)

Just in case you don’t know your shots well, here’s the recipe.

The Lindsay Lohan

1 part peach schnapps
1 part Jagermeister
splash o’ cranberry juice
splash o’ coke
chill and serve
(paparazzi optional)

Now go forth and try not to get arrested.


  1. Sorry you’re still feeling bad. Maybe you need “a lil’ Lindsay in you” 😉 (ok, I must now go empty my stomach of all its contents)

  2. Vibrating cock rings are always a hit for wedding give aways. Awesome. I got all excited to see the craft at craftastrophe but there is no cock link. I mean link. I am too lazy and lost to find the link. Please send cock link. Thank you in advance.

  3. If I drank this and was able to keep it down, I might be mistaken for the red-headed slut. Shrinky dinks! I used to love the way they smelled in the oven.

  4. And she got 90 days in jail for failing to comply! Maybe there’s a reason why I’m seeing comments about keeping it down.

    1. If you’re having it with breakfast, I think you can get away with a thong. Anything after noon, it’s panties to the wind!

  5. Little LiLo has been sentenced to 90 days in jail. She was too busy drinking the LiLo shots to attend her alcohol education class. (WTF is an alcohol education class?)

  6. Genius! The recipe cracks me up. Funniest little recipe ever. I luv peach schnapps but I can’t stand Jagermeister. Come on. That shit tastes like… cough syrup. And thanks for the new craft. Did you see that woman has also another one that looks like Lincoln? Seriously? For $75? I’d rather buy you all a round of Jagermeister…

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