Life, The Universe & EVERYTHING

For those of you who know and love Elly (and face it, to know Elly is to love Elly), I’m one of her brothers, the eldest actually. She thinks it would be interesting for us to all put our various cogitative/angsty crap down in the same place. I promise to post less often than my sister, and I think I can keep the explicatives down too.

As I eat the chocolate birthday cake (that I put chocolate chips into) with chocolate icing (all dark chocolate, by the way) which I baked yesterday, I am pondering a new stage of my life. Today, I began, my Life, the Universe and Everything Year. Well… Its off to a rousing start – I went to work, not because I wanted to ( I had canceled all my meetings, filled out the vacation forms, blocked out my e-calendar and made plans.) DENIED! Some pig loving kid in Mexico went and mutated the flu into something new and scary, now called H1N1 Influenza A by the CDC and WHO because (1) is sounds somehow less scary than swine flu (probably because people fall asleep before the second “1” comes around) and (2) less edumicated peoples in countries I’ll probably never go to were slaughtering innocent pigs. (I myself voted for the name to be “bacon pox”) Back to the story… I was drafted into the big University Swine I mean H1N1 flu epidemic preparation team. Suddenly, taking a day off was not an option. To keep the post short the day isn’t completely lost, I still have half a homemade dark chocolate cake sitting in the kitchen, OH! and I have a vacation day that I can spend at the lake house this summer.

I like ending on the optimistic note. But, just to piss Elly off (I am a brother after all) It didn’t rain here at all today – was rather nice, actually