Let’s Get Rich

Look. I’m just going to assume you’ve spent the week calling, donating, emailing, letter writing, raging and generally doing your part as true patriots. Because I believe in you. And I believe in this country. So we’re not going to rehash it here today.

Though if you ARE NOT doing those things? Consider this ukulele video the popsicle to your lima beans—you may not watch it until AFTER you’ve done your duty as a red-blooded American. Eat your civic vegetables, if you will.

I’ll wait…

Now that we’ve taken care of that and you’ve added daily reminders into your calendar, let’s move on to your reward, shall we?

This song has been in my playlist for a while and it’s always amused me. But it came on the other day while I was working on the book and I couldn’t stop laughing. If Alex and Michael were going to get drunk and go to a karaoke club to celebrate the anniversary of their first date every year, THIS would be the song they’d do together in a sloppy, adorable duet.

Would that be a fun backstory to write, or what? Maybe this book will do well enough that I’ll get the chance to write a prequel! But without Jar Jar Binks or whatever the hell its name was. At least I think he was in a prequel. The new one with Not Harrison Ford is a prequel, right? Not that I’ve seen that. Nor am I likely to, honestly. I love Leia and all but as you probably already know…I’m going to pick Trek over Wars EVERY TIME, people.

Though both involve aliens.

….and we’re full circle.

There is so much to celebrate in this world. And so much that is worth protecting. I know this week has been brutal. So I truly hope this will give you a couple moments of levity. Happy Friday, loves.