Lazy Labor Day

I totally forgot today was a holiday.  That happens when you don’t work regularly…or if you have the attention span of a goldfish.  I love the cheese flavored ones.  One is the loneliest number that you ever knew.  I think gnu is a way better name than wildebeest.

…I’m off track again.

So because it’s a holiday and I’m depressed by the passing of summer, I’m just going to share two random things then run away to the park and soak up vitamin D until I’m a charred hunk of flesh.

First, here’s a man with cats hanging off of his face:

Second, here’s Cee Lo’s (oh how I adore him) latest video:

Now, my dear Interwebz, go forth and barbecue…after you check out the sad Labor Day craft monstrosity I found for today’s Craftastrophe, of course.


  1. WHHHYYYY????!!!! That’s some shit!

    Girl, I swear this blog is like going to Elly U! I’ve just completed Intro to Cee Lo, with honors and a new personal theme song! Cat Men and Their Effect on Social Norms I’m failing miserably though.

    SO much to learn!

  2. My cats are so unhelpful. Right now, one of them is putting his paw in the bottom of my husband’s empty water glass, trying to remove a piece of ice. He’s such a dick.

    Actually, on second thought, those cats are all dicks, too. All cats enjoy spreading their dirty little litter-scratcher paws all over mouths and pillows and in water glasses.

  3. I often imagine myself a backup singer grooving like that. Told you there is a gap between reality and mental visualization. Fuck the gap!

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