La Vie En Uke

This song always makes me think of Bridget Callahan.  Well I guess not ALWAYS.  I mean, I knew the song before I knew Bridgette.  So before I met her it didn’t make me think of her.  Because obviously.

Why yes, we are still having sleep issues.  How could you tell?

Have I mentioned I tend to sort of break down physically when I don’t get sleep?  For example, I now have shingles.  So I’m a little extra off my game.  So let’s just roll the video and run away, shall we?

Have a lovely weekend, darlings.  May it be full of booze.


  1. There’s a delightful montage where this song is playing and we are running through a field before I pick you a flower and hand it to you. Cut to a rainsoaked street that we run down while trying to hail a cab and holding the New York Times over our heads to spare us the deluge.
    Now we are on a warm sun baked beach swinging on hammocks while you strum the uke. Now look up. You are asleep!
    Nighty night.

  2. I’ve just returned from London. My 2.5 year old grandson is obsessed with his uke (thanks to your suggestions of which one to buy). He stands on his “stage,” which is a small square of something or other and rocks out. He does this for hours. Now Husband used to play guitar in a couple local bands back in the day, so when we were there, he played my son-in-law’s guitar and Jonah sat next to him on the couch and played his uke. It was enough to bring a grandma to tears. Jonah starts real lessons soon. I’m verklempt. Now that I’m back, I’ll start concentrating on your sleep issues.

    1. I KNOW! I actually look like I have shingles but I’m afflicted with nothing besides the inability to wash correctly or put on outfits. What Lin said, you are gorgeous in all your double whammy glory

  3. Still wonderful. Hope things settle soon. It is worth it, believe. You’ll be tearing up at graduation in the blink of an eye…or so I’m told, it’s not like i know, geez.

  4. Why why why am I always late to all the most important parties?! Shingles. Man, flipping ouch.

    This period of time you’re in right now? This one that is near-killing you? What no one can ever convey in exactly the right words is that it is fucked-up intense. And it improves. It really does.

    And — get this — two is way easier than one, though I can’t tell you whether or not this is true about twins. I doubt that would be easy.

    But my first was murder, the whole experience turned me on my tail, I can’t even tell you how it seemed like it would never flipping end. I didn’t get shingles, but I also didn’t get sleep and my brother-in-law walked into my house and I don’t remember if I even had underwear on, I just still remember the horrified look on his face. I may/may not have been wearing a top. It is 9 years later and he is still acting weird.

    I would now segue with a Seriously, but I’m not kidding.

    Remember when I told you the first year is 15 years long? I wasn’t kidding about that either. Remember to cry. A lot. It may not help but at least it is something you do for yourself.

    Anyhoo. Sending love. You know, from the other side. It gets easier. Not only with every kid (I have 3) but also with each passing day. (Of course there will always be moments, weeks and the occasional month to muscle through, but I (so far) haven’t experienced anything quite like that first year of my first kid’s life. Physically, emotionally or mentally.

    That is all.

    Or maybe not. I haven’t hit the teen years yet …

      1. right?! RIGHT?! sigh. Let’s just pretend this right now. Close your eyes, I’ll close mine. And if the baby wails, I’ll get up and get him for you. xox

  5. accordion busker Mackenzie (who is simply beautiful and I am seriously smit with) knows I love this tune and plays it for me frequently.

    your take on it is just as lovely. thanks!

    now get some sleep!

    (I won’t be sleeping now… I’ve got to look up the chords for this and learn it myself.)

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