King of the Uke

So if you haven’t figured it out yet, the wicked talented Bridget Callahan spent the New Year with us here in the ‘boken of Hos.  Swing on over to her place and see the beautiful pictures she took of my wee town.  She made me fall even more in love with Hoboken, which is NOT an easy thing to do.

  • Her take on New Year’s festivities.
  • The one where she makes the waterfront look like a set for a horror movie.
  • The one where I beg her not to run off to Narnia.

So the humble Bridget agreed to join Herbert and I for a Friday sing-a-long.  But because she’s Bridget, we had to do it outdoors in front of an abandoned building in what can only be described as an unholy arctic wind.  Bridget, the trooper, wasn’t even wearing a coat.  I, clad in long underwear, three layers of wool, and the warmest coat I own, nearly died of hypothermia right then and there.  Herbert threatened to snap a string and protested by going flat.  Then we almost got hit by a car.

The things I do for you people….

Happy Friday, bitches.


  1. Oh dear — you’re sitting directly on the freezing cold pavement! Don’t you know that’s how you get hemorrhoids? We frozen Canadians of the Great White North know such wintry lore.

  2. Good lord. If anyone asked me to sing in frozen weather like that I’d say HELL NO unless there was a million dollars on the table…

    But adorable, as always.

  3. you two managed to warm my heart when all i could think of was ewwwwww snow and grey skies. that’s saying something.

    awesome photos, bridget callahan!

  4. Haha, awesome you guys. You look effing FRIGID with cold and for a horrible moment I thought you (Elly) were wearing only your socks and no shoes. Phew! This was nice and cheerful for a cold Friday.

  5. Bridget Callahan is your Best Friend!

    There, I always wanted to be able to use her blog title as a sentence.

    Awesome duet Ladies. When are you taking this show on the road?

      1. I don’t think you’ll need roofies to lure Dufmanno out of groupie retirement. She’s probably digging the knee pads out of her closet right now.

      2. Never underestimate the importance of your roadies and the job they do. Same goes for your groupies and the blow jobs they give.

  6. And now? My Friday is complete. That twas SUPERB!

    Happy Motherfuckingboozetime!

    Great photos Bridget! Cheers…

  7. You know what popped into my mind as I watched this? I had a very precise vision of movie credits for a cross country buddy film rolling to the left of your beautiful song.
    Are you thinking what I’m thinking?
    Probably not since it’s only deep in the caverns of my mind.

    1. well. neither of you look a bit like roger miller (thank god – you’re both a damn sight prettier than he ever was). I grew up listening to my parents playing roger miller records and this song was prominent among them.

      happy motherfuckingboozetime (as mine officially starts now, I don’t accept that yours did earlier.)

    2. dammit – the above wasn’t supposed to be a reply to you (although you don’t look like roger miller either). it was supposed to be its own comment. oops.

      now that I’m here, though, a different buddy movie came to my mind. which one do you think was dustin hoffman, and which was john voight?

  8. I love it!!!!!!!!!!

    I have always loved the original and I love your version just as much!! I am going to go check out Bridget’s links. I hope you were able to warm up quickly! It is nasty cold out there!

    1. I so hope you are who I hope you are. I also so hope I might someday construct a coherent sentence. And play wild games of trivia with old ladies.

      1. YAY, it’s me. Well, I hope it’s the ‘me’ that you hope it is, otherwise I will remain the ‘me’ that you hope it is even if it isn’t ‘me’… How bout that for a coherent sentence?

        You can risk the trivia game but remember, she will steal your pen and it is NEVER cool to snog someone’s Granny.

    1. She’s got cute in the bag. I worry I’m going to have to retire the uke videos for lack of duet partners. Once you raise the bar…

  9. THIS IS SO GOOD. SO GOOD. SO GOOD. Double the Fun FTW! Your voices work so well together omg this is mind-blowing. How do I express how awesome this is???!!!! Rocky and Balls can suck this!

  10. ohmygod, you have made my day. which is amazing, since i was wallowing in self-pity over my piece-o-crap computer and my even-more-piece-o-crap wireless mouse and my complete inability to get commentluv onto my blog after trying everything. I will be singing that song as I throw myself off the roof.

  11. The only important lesson I learned from living in NJ for a long time was that coats are fundamental during the winter season. (I know, you would have thought that I might have learned other hearty lessons). Although in thinking about it, I guess I also learned that my guitar did not like to go outside during the winter either.

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