Joy Parade

So I have some exciting news!

No, the book isn’t coming out anytime soon.

No, I still haven’t found an agent.

Why yes, I did put on lipstick for the uke video. But that’s NOT my exciting news.

Guess who has two thumbs, morning hair, and a RECURRING COLUMN ON MCSWEENEY’S?

I KNOW! Chocolate and white guilt for EVERYONE! But seriously, go read it. There’s a new one up today. I’ll be here strumming and doing the running man between beers.

That picture is totally distracting me. I never realized this haircut makes me look so mushroom-esque. And why have I banished my bottom teeth?

It’s also possible that I’ve used up my limited allocation of brain power writing elsewhere. Probable even. Enough rambling, Elly. Give the people what they came for – some ukulele strumming and caterwauling.

Have the happiest of Fridays, lovelies. Sing and shout. Use that voice, bitches!

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