It’s Raining Tacos

Now that I am a New York Times reviewed author, (STILL SCREAMING!!!) I think it’s really important to try and be more professional. Which is exactly why I’m working on a piece about Michael Cohen sex dreams and a cover of It’s Raining Tacos.

Who has two thumbs, a mild obsession with the portrait setting on her phone, and a HIGH LEVEL OF PROFESSIONALISM, BITCHES?

This bitch.

You know what the actual highlight of my week was though? Spending some time with my favorite New York Times reviewed author.


Even just looking at this picture again fills my heart up. Joan is tolerating the chemo pretty well and even working on a new project. Rumor is we’ll get to see it soon. And I, for one, am plum giddy to sneak a peek.

Do you know what else makes me giddy? Ok yes, jello shots but that’s not where I was going with this. NEW PROJECTS.

Unfortunately, most of the writing-related ones are on hold at the moment. So like anyone else would do, I’ve been pacing the house (too cold to go outside) in search of distractions. Doing small art projects worked for a few weeks. So did some organization projects. (Yawn.) Designed some stickers…

Oh do you want one? I could make that happen.

But when I get restless, anxious, start spiraling…WATERCOLORS DON’T CUT IT.

So obviously I’m going to have to refinish a piece of furniture. Bare minimum. I’m going to make it as complicated and overwhelming as possible so that I hopefully wear myself out and don’t end up trying to build my own bookcases out of discarded pallets and popsicle sticks.

Hmmm. Maybe I should build some models of the sideboard to scale out of said popsicle sticks so I can try a bunch of different treatments first…


Enough blathering. How about I dazzle you with this haunting ballad performed on the melancholy strings of my baritone ukulele, Isabella? Try not to weep. Really emotional stuff. And HAPPY UKULELE FRIDAYS!