Me:  I need a word.

Thom:  Oligarchy.

Me:  No, I need a specific word.  I’m pretty sure it starts with an “I” but it’s not influence or instigation.  It’s like…subconscious related.

Thom: Id?

Me:  Um, no – too profound.  Insight.  Implication.  Im…

Thom:  I’m going to need a little more here.  And stop yelling “I” words while I’m thinking.

Me:  Maybe innuendo…INNUENDO!  Never mind, it’s not innuendo.

Thom:  But at least you’ve found the perfect name for a Native American Boy Band.

Me:  Huh?

Thom:  Like Menudo?

Me:  About the chemo brain today.  Take the witty down a notch.

Thom:  Are you sure it starts with an “I”?

Me:  I guess not.

Thom:  Let’s do this systematically then – aardvark?

Me:  Why do I call you for help again?

Thom:  Allegory?

Me:  Infiltration?  Oh wait, I went back to the “I’s” again.  Damn.  I guess I really think it starts with an “I”.

Thom:  Go with agoraphobia.

Me:  It’s not agoraphobia.

Thom:  Are you sure?

Me:  You kick puppies, too, don’t you?

Thom:  How about insidious?

Me:  That’s an adjective.  I’m pretty sure I want a noun.

Thom:  So it’s a noun that starts with “I” – are you flexible on either of those fronts?

Me:  Oh hell, I’m just going to use instigation.

Thom:  Yeah!  Screw the English language.  What has that bitch ever done for you?

Me:  That was incredibly helpful.  I’m never speaking to you again.

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    1. I’m a huge fan of the “yourmom” use, but it gets a little tricky with Thom seeing as how we have the same mom. She gets pretty pissy when we launch into a battle of your mama jokes at family functions. Not that it ever stops us…

  1. I wish I had a friend like Thom… suggesting everything to help his friend… however you both better start copywriting that American Indian Boy Band Name INNUENDO!

  2. I love that Thom’s immediate (ooh…that’s an “I” word…does that help?) suggestion for any word at all was “oligarchy.” You know, instead of, like, “apple.”

    Also, if I wake the baby laughing, I’m blaming you.
    .-= Falling´s last blog .. =-.

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