I’m an Incubator

Technically I’m not supposed to talk about this yet.  That’s what all the books say.  But I tell you people when I have a yeast infection or a funny smelling belly button.  How am I not going to tell you that this happened?

Who Says Girls Can't Aim

I know.  The fuck.  Actually “the fuck” is what got me into this situation I suppose.

And yes, there’s still a lot that could go horribly, horribly wrong.  I know that.  And I keep telling myself that the worst thing all those leftover chemo drugs could do would be give the little alien superhero powers, right?  And honestly, if something bad happens, I’m probably going to want to talk about that, too.  So it’s better to just stick with my usual approach to life and projectile vomit all my thoughts, right?

The only thing harder than not telling people, is figuring out how to tell people.  Apparently I suck at it.  That or my friends aren’t real bright.  You decide.

Me:  So you know how I have a tendency to grow strange things in my body that then somehow have to be removed from my body in generally unpleasant ways?

Gwen:  Oh God no.

Me:  Oh no!  No more cancer, pookie.  I just have a parasite.

Gwen:  Oh thank God.  You scared me.  Wait…a what?  What kind of parasite?

Me:  Its in my uterus.

Gwen:  Who the hell gets a parasite in their uterus?  Are you making that up?  What did you do?  How did it get there?

Me:  Um, Rocco put it there.


Gwen:  Oh.

Rocco’s a little better at it.

Rocco:  I knocked your sister up.

Thom: Way to use the front hole.

We’re doomed, Interwebz.

Don’t panic.  I have no intention of getting all mommy blogger on you (not that there’s anything wrong with that – cue the hate mail).  I just might have to occasionally share little anecdotes about how fucking weird this is.  I mean, I’ve always thought of my vagina as a punch line…not a “birth canal” or a “portal through which alien life forms will enter our universe and overpower the human race.”

Can you tell I’m having trouble processing.

For example, I signed up for one of those newsletter things that emails you every week to tell you what’s happening in your portal…er uterus, right?  This one just came today:

I know, it’s really hard to read.  Let me summarize the contents for you.  It says I have a tiny blue smurf.  With fins.  And a tail.  In my uterus.

And it’s doubling in size each week.

The fuck.

On the upside, I’m pretty sure it’s Rocco’s.  I sure hope so since he’s already referring to it as his “fuck trophy.”

Did I mention yet how very doomed we are?


  1. OH MY GOSH!! I AM SOFA KING EXCITED FOR YOU!! I am in tears. why are you always making me cry? I would blame pregnancy for my over emotional tendancies, but I’m not pregs, I’m just a pussy.


  2. I’m a Mom and I blog, but I don’t really Mommy blog. So don’t worry. It can be done. My blog is mine. My kids already get into everything.

    Otherwise, HOLY CRAP! Exciting!!!

    Also be careful with the babycenter. There are some ravenous parenting boards there. I got kicked off and joined a fringe group of ex babycenter moms. Hehe. But their preggo updates are awesome!

    Yay! You get to act like a lunatic for 9 months and get everything you want all of the time!!! And barf. Sorry about the barfing thing.

    1. Shit. I’m supposed to be reading boards? I got a book from the library and made an appointment with a vagina analyzer. I’m supposed to do MORE than that?

      1. No. You don’t need to read any boards. If you have any questions, just ask me. I’ve done it 4 times. Think of me as your new online doula.

        I know. I can’t believe what a good idea this is, either.

    1. He’ll cry. That man can’t stop crying. It’d be cute if I wasn’t worried the tiny blue superhero is already using mind control on the poor bastard.

  3. sorry about tagging you a few months ago… I never apologized. You probably don’t remember. Regardless, a mechanical bull wasn’t going to be very effective for prevention although my voodoo powers are obviously intact. I just hate to be alone.

    1. And I see that you subscribed to the weekly vessel reminder… the “oh yeah” email always throws my denial skills for a loop. Hugs.

  4. Well hell! CONGRATS TO YOU! Normally I’m violently anti-mini humans but in your case I make an exception because, any being coming out of you HAS to be awesome. And warped. And full of potential win. Therefore, score.

    I’m a bit behind with the blogs this week so I’m late to the party but YAY! 🙂

  5. Holy Fucking Yay! That’s great! I loved E.T. It’s like that, except there’s more crying. But you might, if you’re like me, find your little alien hidden in a closet full of stuffed animals someday.

    Seriously, fabulous news. Congrats.

    And, mommy bloggers aren’t all bad.

    And, loved the BabyCenter weekly updates. Never joined a single forum or message board. I’m too cool for that shit. I like to just fly by the seat of my pants and make all of my parenting mistakes blindly.

    Cyber hugz.

    1. No, they aren’t all bad. Unless you’re talking about those roving gangs of Mommy Bloggers that troll down along the water with their pipes and chains. Those bitches are ALL bad.

  6. Congratulations! I think you and Rocco will make great parents. PLUS – remember everytime you worry about making a mistake that it is good thing – your kids do better when they grow up with a sense of humor! 🙂 Deep breaths, smile and ginger will help with nausea and babysitters help with the headaches. LMBO!

  7. Super huge smooches and hugs. I love it when witty, intelligent sarcastic people breed!! It makes my world a better place. For real. Because then I know there will be people out there to understand me.

    Being pregnant is weird. No doubt. And you nailed it with the parasite thing. But it’s worth it. And who knows? You might have enough material to write a book about it. And I’d read it cover to fucking cover even though I’m all done with incubating.


  8. First, congratulations honey. 🙂

    Second, I’m a mom. I am NOT a mommy blogger. Eff that shit in the ahole.

    Third, If Rocco HAD effed that shit in the ahole, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. Just sayin’.

    Fourth, *claps hands* I can’t wait until you go all batshit preggo cranky and start beating up bitches on the street, hosting your own carpentry show, and THEN actually go into labor…whereupon they will give you lots and lots of glorious drugs and your vagina will be seen by many random strangers. That’s so much funsies. 😉

    Fifth, no really. Congratulations. 🙂

    P.S. – I like numbers.

  9. Wow, congratulations!!!!
    There suddenly seems to be a lot of breeding going around……it’s not contagious, is it? Cause I’d really rather spoil everyone else’s kids and give them back….

  10. congrats? since you seem to be discombobulated about this, I will offer uncoordinated uncertainty in support of your knockeduppedness.

    This will certainly change the parameters of your new apartment/house search.

    1. *head crashes into desk*

      Shit, Bob. Shit. Now I need a nur…nurs…nurse…room for the alien’s crate. Do you think said room has to have a window?

        1. why pretend? the crib will be in your bedroom for the 1st year anyway. just try having post-partum sex in front of the beybay. most effective birth control there is. TRUST ME ON THIS. despite the fact that our 2nd was conceived 6 months after the 1st.

  11. it’s rocco’s. i saw him trying to sneak out one night, and yelled to him “you go right back up there and make me a bugginbaby”!

    (like holly hunter to nicolas cage in raising arizona “get me a toddler.” obviously.)

  12. Sweet Morgan Freeman! Congratufuckinglations!

    Oh Honey, that is just AWESOME! Except that you’re now the designated driver for every motherfuckingboozetime until you deliver!

        1. I’m taking that as the gospel truth. I’m putting “assemble large quantities of hard liquor” on my calendar for the last week of September.

  13. Just remember to compose love poetry for your vagina EVERY DAY! Like I told you it will cooperate better during crunch time.
    Also, don’t read Breaking Dawn because that’s not really what happens when it’s time to go to the hospital. Unless you want to get a Pattinson fix , and let’s be honest. Who COULDN’T use a Pattinson fix every once in awhile.
    Guy has serious seduction game.
    Shakes off smoldering lust.

    1. Is it “crunch” time or “rip to shreds” time?

      I may or may not have just borrowed the “Twilight” audio book for my drive to VA tomorrow.

      1. I had to change my underwear when the Twilight people sent out the Isle Esme photo of warm sands, gently tilting lanterns, and the promise of some serious ram rodding by one eternally frustrated but restrained sex god.


  14. I’m feeling dizzy… I think your new alien. Must sit down…

    Seriously, congrats to you all, more Buggin for the buck!

  15. Oh MAH GAWD!! No way! You’re gonna have a baby bug! WooHOO! So much for the t-shirt — you’ve already got your trophy! When the shirt stops fitting you, you can cut the bottom off and let your baby bump show. It’s very trendy, the baby bump.

  16. Congrats Elly. So ridiculously happy for you I may have gone all girlie and cried a tear of joy and all that shit on your behalf. Got me right in the ovaries biatch. I know you will produce a little screaming nugget of awesomeness.

    And just think of all the new material. Vaginas, boobs, butt holes, bodily functions. Wait a minute…….?

  17. I am so very happy for you! this is wonderful news!

    Think of all the cool stuff you can teach your little parasite! Then they can grow up to wear their underwear out to college parties like mine does.. *sigh*

    You’re never gonna sleep well again….

    seriously- congrats! <3

  18. Congrats girlie! As you already know, just because you’ve pushed out a curtain climbing crumb snatcher, it is still possible to be fabulously awesome and not a mombot. Fuck those mombot whores ; )

  19. SQUEEE!!!!!

    Congratulations! That is awesome news! Welcome to the procreators club! You’ll be getting your membership card in the mail

  20. OMG!! Congratulations! And even though @vapid has probably accurately identified you as the host to an alien, I’m sure it will be a beautiful, and healthy alien baby.

  21. Way to go Rocco! 🙂

    Ok ok ok. Don’t send me that stare of yours across the Interwebs. We need to lure the men into this thing: shower them with praises even though they don’t have to do anything for the next 9 (how many left?) months and hope that they will stop doing nothing after the incubation period. Start grooming him: diaper change is HIS job.

    Congratulations baby. We will be here. Btw, the membership card comes with a two for one deal. ^_^

    La Fuck FTW!

      1. I changed a *ass-ton* of diapers, thankyouverymuch. I also was guilted into doing most of the household chores for the 9 months prior and 25 years post partum ….waitaminute….mine are out of college now, (almost, dammit) she can wash her own damned panties. guess who is the brains of this outfit, huh?

  22. Ohmygodohmygodohmygod! Your vagina is way more fun now. You get to talk about it all the time now, and nobody thinks it’s weird. Like, at ladies’ brunch with your grandma. It’s so great.

    Plus!? You get all sorts of weird new scars, and my BFF told me after her first baby, she was missing a chunk of her vulva. Like, a chunk! How badass is that? “You want to see my battle scar? It’s on my labia minora.”

    Congratulations. I hope you have twins, because it’s fucking brutal and hilarious. Xs and Os.

    1. I suddenly feel the need to book a photo shoot so I can forever immortalize my pre-shredded vagina. You can use pancake makeup on your vulva, right?

  23. Congratulations on your smurfling. This is totally why Lady Gaga came to the Grammys in an egg, right? Your vagina has that much power, doesn’t it?

  24. FUCKING JESUS ON A POGO STICK THIS IS AWESOME!!! I hope you don’t get sick, and that the parasite has your uke playing abilities!

  25. Well how glad am I that I came here tonight to see a stick covered in pee. I’m really glad. Congratulations, Elly and Rocco. I’m going to start looking for the tiniest little ukele you ever saw and also a onesie that asks, “Is it motherfuckinbooze day yet?”

  26. UM….Congratulations? It’s funny, I too have always said those little buggers are parasites!

    You have an interesting way of phrasing things, Elly!!


  27. WHAT?!?

    Yes. So. Fucking. EXCITED. For. YOU.

    Your baby is gonna come out with a badass Mohawk and a great sense of musical timing. I can sense it.

  28. Yay Yay Yay! We are preggers at the same time! Let’s resume book club since misery loves company. I am a few months ahead of you but I also have that much more wisdom. You have questions? I may have answers.

  29. I’m finally back in the world… sorry to heap child-related health scares on you this week. You’re great in the clutch, but you still owe me a dirty hospital joke. As you know, SOFA KING just about sums up my reaction to your news also. Frankly, I can’t believe how lucky this kid is that you are its mommy. 😉

  30. Awesome! They haven’t taken the kids away from me and Chris yet (12 years!) so you guys are probably safe…but call me when The People come over to see what’s up and I’ll tell you what *not* to say while they’re there.

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