In Agreement

Me:  So where are all these alleged wineries that line the Hudson Valley?

Rocco:  Why?  Are you thinking we should buy one and run it together?

Me:  Hell’s no.  That would be the worst idea ever.

Rocco:  Why?

Me:  Aside from the fact that we’d consume our entire product line before selling a single bottle?  We could never, ever, NEVER EVER work together.

Rocco:  I’ve been saying that for years.  Wait….why?

[Insert incredulous look from both parties.]

Me:  Because you’re a total asshole.

Rocco:  I’ve been saying that for years, too.

[Insert a dramatic pause.]

Rocco:  So what you’re saying is: I’m right.

Me:  You are totally right…and an asshole.

Rocco:  Why, thank you!


  1. This exchange, while giving me much needed cheer, demonstrates not only why I love you both, but also why you must be doomed to share each other for eternity.

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