I’m Never Buying Panties Again

Rocco:  Girls really like horses, don’t they?

The Entrepreneur at Work

Me:  Oh I dunno, I was never really that into them.  Unless you count unicorns.  But I sure liked horse books like My Friend Flicka.

Rocco:  *coughs*

Me:  Yes, I suppose girls really like horses.

Rocco:  Wasn’t that Victoria’s secret?

Me:  What?

Rocco:  Didn’t she make it with the horses?  Wasn’t that her secret?

Me:  You mean Queen Victoria?

Rocco:  Yeah!  She’s the one with the underwear store, right?

Me:  *blink, blink*

Rocco: …well that’s how it is in my mind anyway.

By the by, some wonderful people (that I obviously owe sexual favors to) nominated me for some awards over at Studio 30.  If you have some free time, click here and pimp me.  I’ll owe you a margarita…or twenty.


  1. I was so obsessed with unicorns as a little girl it’s kind of embarrassing to talk about it.

    So I won’t.

    1. Godiva just rode the “top” of the horse naked, right? Can I take you with me everywhere as my resident fact checker (and occasional wine enabler)?

  2. Interspecies couplings make me uncomfortable and sad.
    Maybe it’s this terrible flu though.
    Anyway, my Victoria’s Secret bras lift and separate my rack beautifully making my bosoms appear lofty, heaving and reaching for the heavens on their own.
    Then, because I don’t know how to care for my delicates I throw them in the washer and dryer and pop the metal underwire out.
    This results in stabbed jugs and deflated cleavage.

    1. That’s an outrage. That rack is considered a National Treasure. Why isn’t the government stepping in to help with it’s upkeep?

  3. While Victoria’s Secret isn’t named after Queen Victoria, I think a Prince Albert IS named after her husband, Prince Albert. That’s probably what Rocco was thinking of.

    Wasn’t it?

  4. That can’t possibly be true. Everyone knows that Queen Victoria went commando, and it was Catherine the Great that was into horses.

    No idea what kind of unmentionables Catherine the Great wore, although I’m hoping “the Great” referred to her rack.

    PS – I voted multiple times. Can I get a glass of Chateaux Le Flav?

  5. Never mind all this horse bullshit, they are cloning a Wooly Mammoth in a lab RIGHT NOW. I don’t know about you guys but I bet I’LL make the biggest impression when I come tearing through your neighborhood on my daunting hairy tusked beast!
    THen the mighty mammoth will take it’s place as the rightful heir of gentle but fierce almost imaginary creatures that we thought we’d never get to see.
    I want them to clone T-Rex next, because that ALWAYS works well when it eats it’s trainers and escapes into the city streets.

  6. I need to figure out how I get on that spreadsheet.
    But seeing as I have gone on vacation with you, I think it will be a dreadful shame and travesty if you don’t win all of those categories. And I will picket and burn stuff and wear thick rimmed glasses and have sit ins with ukuleles if you don’t.

  7. Consider yourself pimped in all of the categories.
    I really like you.
    I have to say I probably like Victoria’s Secret even more…because she did it with a horse.

  8. I feel sort of duped. You do realize how excited I was when I read this title, right? But I know it is a hoax. Of course you will keep buying them……and wearing them. You and your damn dedication to your panties. Gah!!!

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