I’m a Believer

Nothing in this world (0r any other) is sexier than a good looking fella that can laugh at himself.

I’m serious.


No.  Thing.



See also: Paul Rudd, Tom Smothers, all the other Monkees, and a whole mess of others I’ll think of months from now when I’m sleeping again.

Anyway.  This is not my favorite Monkees song, but I love Neil Diamond AND I already know how to play it.  So that’s what you’re getting.

For the record, THIS is my favorite Monkees song:

So let’s all toast Davy tonight.  It’s not like you weren’t already planning on drinking anyway…

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  1. Oh Davy:(
    I keep having this recurring dream where all my pint sized childhood crushes die now. This makes me sad, but it also drives home the fact that I need to burn the candle at both ends composing love notes to the hero’s I have left. *cough* Andy Summers *cough*
    You did this song one better Elly. I’m proud to say I know you AND your Uke in person..xoxo

  2. You are so funny AND I might add an excellent singer and strummer of the uke!! You get 10 out of a possible 10!!

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