I Would Uke Everything I Own (for a zombie sock puppet)

Her name is Rhoda and she must be mine.  MINE.

Every house needs a hand-made, sock puppet zombie.  Especially this one.  So I’m entering the contest of the year over at Coffee and Zombie Movies.  I totally put off entering Hellachella‘s contest until the last possible moment because I didn’t want everybody and their brother entering and lessening my chance of winning Rhoda.  Yes, I’m selfish.  Shocker.

But it’s Friday…the penultimate day to enter…and so Herbert and I made Bread.

Also, I feel the need to tell you that when I did a Google image search for “ugly bread,” this was one of the results:

*scratches head*

I tell you, it’s enough to drive a girl to drink.  Fortunately, its motherfuckingboozetime!

And Chelle?  I NEED that zombie.


  1. i think we need “crazy bitch dufmanno island” tshirts.

    way to bring the bread, girly whirly.

    and that has to be the world’s ugliest holiday sweater in existence. pass the booze.

    1. But his face? That’s pure joy right there…like he just laid eyes on Dufmanno’s rack. Clearly she’s on a pedestal since he’s looking up like that.

  2. I would give everything I own to be able to HEAR you. But the hand and facial gestures are cute overload by themselves. Hmmm…I’ve probably dodged some kind of adoraballs bullet!

  3. Is it too early for sock puppet jokes… cause they are swimming around in my cranium like sharks right about now. Thank goodness it’s MFBT!

  4. I hope you realize that if you win Rhoda, my 16 year old daughter will not get a birthday present *pause for guilt* *pause again* and therefore she will continue to hate me for ruining her life in a plethora of ways. Just sayin.
    Naw. JK. Let’s make a deal. If you win, then maybe Rhoda could visit my home, sort of the new Flat Stanley? I will take photos of her in compromising positions and post it on my blog and/or TMZ.com. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

    1. As long as Rhoda can occasionally fellate my zombie St. Joe and put him in a good mood to sell the house, I don’t see a problem with joint custody.

  5. One could argue that after neglecting not only my blog, but all my bloggy friends’ blogs for an entire month, that I do not deserve to tune in just in time to hear you play my very favorite Bread song on the Uke. But to that person, I say, tough titties, dude. I’m here now and that’s what counts.

  6. I just flipped into one of those link things with your blog where I start on one blog and somehow ended up with a photo of Charles Manson. Which is creepy because I just sat and watched an entire show about him last night. He could be the poster boy for sock puppet zombie. Anyway, best of luck to you in the contest.

  7. Reasons I am grateful for this post:
    1. The smooth stylings of another Elly + Herbert collaboration.
    2. Realizing — with some horror — that song was not an NSYNC original.
    3. That picture is a SAD light therapy lamp x 73. I’m all insta-smiles when I look at it.

    (Pls still be my friend after 2.)

  8. i am so hoping you win Rhoda. that floozie was made for you. you could make her a little “Crazy Bitch” tshirt.

  9. Though I am constantly puzzled by the world’s fascination with zombies (‘Cept of course, the one’s in Thriller. I heart MJ 4 eva.), I’m impressed with your drive and your unswerving dedication to the (v strange) cause.


    Cosby Sweaters kick ass.

    – B x

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