1. “I Will Survive” is my go to karaoke song. Strangely, I can only remember all the words when drunk.

    1. Trust me, Meps. That’s not the incident that’ll push me over the edge. I’m way past that line. Just don’t tell St. Joe, k?

  2. Best wishes! The clay is a lot more gray than in the picture. However, many of the other pictures are black & white. I dim the flash with my finger – which tints the light. What is he talking about? Love ya – stay well.

    1. That would be awesome! Except they’d all fly into my bladder and kidneys where it all eventually ends up. That’s probably not good for a gal. Today I have contrast tummy, but by tomorrow I should be back at the bar – either swilling beside it or dancing on top of it.

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