I Will Survive

In honor of Sunday’s run in with Mrs. Gloria Gaynor and because I will doubtlessly be singing this song over and over in my head while popping Lorazapam and drinking radioactive smoothies today, I present you with a couple versions of “I Will Survive” gone horribly wrong.  Enjoy!

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  1. Best wishes! The clay is a lot more gray than in the picture. However, many of the other pictures are black & white. I dim the flash with my finger – which tints the light. What is he talking about? Love ya – stay well.

    1. That would be awesome! Except they’d all fly into my bladder and kidneys where it all eventually ends up. That’s probably not good for a gal. Today I have contrast tummy, but by tomorrow I should be back at the bar – either swilling beside it or dancing on top of it.

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