I Want to Uke What Love Is

Today’s video?  Well let’s all remember it’s the thought that counts.  Or the abacus.  Or the purple guy from Sesame Street.  Who?  Doesn’t sparkle.  I have to ponder that a while.  I’ll do that while you watch this silliness.

Feel better, Michelle. I’m thinking of you.  Almost as much as I’m thinking about how nice it would be to split a glass of wine.


  1. You are made out of adorable!

    This song takes me back to 1985, when I was attending a summer French-immersion course in the north of Quebec (a little city called Chicoutimi, more precisely) and a local guy tried to pick up this Southern girl at a bar by getting really close to me and muttering into my ear, “I want to know what love is. I want you to show me,” in heavily accented English. I pulled back, smiled at him vacantly and said, in probably heavily accented French, “Yes, I know that song.” I continued to smile like a bubblehead who had no idea she was being hit on until the poor guy got confused and wandered off. I didn’t laugh until after he left, so “cool points” to me!

  2. This is one of my favorites of your uke sessions so far! LOVE IT! 80s FTW. And gorgeous you are getting really really good at this. And your are glowing. You are. And you look friggin’ adorable. And I can see the baseboard!

  3. I LOVE IT! I couldn’t imagine how a Monster Ballad would sound on a uke, but you rocked it. And you do, you look gorgeous.

  4. OK, I heart you so much, but I absolutely can’t bring myself to click on your uke this week. The song is already stuck in my head, and I only read the title.

  5. Actually, not a bad rendition of it. And your little bro can thank you for the bruise I will be placing upon his arm for getting this damn song in my head again.

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