I Want to Marry a Lighthouse Keeper

Not really.  I mean, not that I’m morally or aesthetically opposed to lighthouse keepers.  I’ve never met a lighthouse keeper I didn’t like.  In other news, I’ve never met a lighthouse keeper.  I have been to a light house though.  I mean, I’m from North Carolina.  The outer banks are practically dripping with those things.

Also?  Technically I’m already married.  North Carolina is NOT dripping with sister wives.  Wait.  Brother husbands?  I’ve never really asked Rocco if he wants to marry a light keeper.  Note to self: get on that.  The question, I mean.  Not necessarily get on Rocco.  Look where THAT got me.

What?  Oh yes.  I AM having trouble sleeping again.  How could you tell?

Pardon me Interwebz, for one brief moment, while I have a little intimate convo with Eric:

Hi Pookie.  I know we’d talked about doing this as a duet once upon a time, but I did it without you.  I suck.  But I sort of didn’t have time to practice or learn anything new this week.  So I’m hoping you’ll forgive me.  I’ll make it up to you when we finally figure out how to record duets and we NAIL that Leather and Lace (click that – it’s awesome) thing.  Besides, you’re way foxier than Stevie Nicks, anyday.

Happy Friday!

Oh!  I’m sans internet next week so until I find some wifi cafe somewhere in my new hood (assuming all that happens on Monday like it’s supposed to) you’ll just have to satiate yourself with the beautiful and brilliant writers on my blogroll over there to the right.  Go visit them all.  They rock.  Hard.  In your face.  And stuff.


  1. I WILL take what you give me Elly (bitches)! But is there any chance we’re getting belly bump photos? Like ever? Because I’m sure it’s as adorable as the rest of you!

    No internet??? How will you survive? Wait?! How will we survive without you?! Arghhh….


  2. Aw. It’s almost as cute when you sing it as when Eric sings it. I mean, you’re super cute, but I don’t so much want to have the sexy times with you as I do with him. I guess I’m just not that into married women. Unless they’re married to lighthouse keepers. Which you’ve clearly stated you’re not. Yet.

  3. I’m wondering again who the lady in the background is again. Or is this some sort of gender trickery again?

  4. Whoops. Adverb overload in that comment that likely does not make any sense unless you remember that time I made a comment about the lady in the background of one of your videos who turned out to be a guy.

  5. I’ve been your bitch since I met you, yeah, so whatever you give me is good. I’m not a lighthouse keeper, though. My irrational fear of tsunamis pretty much ruled that out as a career choice. Has Rocco ever considered becoming a lighthouse keeper? You could keep the lighthouse Mon-Fri and put on little musicals on the beach on Sat and Sun. And your kid could be the master of ceremonies, yeah. I can see it all now.

  6. Your website is accusing me of duplicating comments. DID NOT website. So unfair. My website is now accusing your website of having a programming error. This could get interesting.

  7. You can’t not blog now. I just got back from vaca and need good stuff to read. Perhaps no one tweeted you, but the internet now does officially revolve around me.

  8. You just set the stage for the next best ill fated romance novel of all time.
    Lonely lighthouse keeper with dark secret meets park ranger with gender identification issues. Forbidden star crossed lovers, idyllic rugged beach setting, tons of lighthouse sex. Crustaceans as minor characters.
    Get on it.

  9. Delightful! That’s all I have to say. Which is rare. That I am speechless. You’ve done justice to one of my oldest and favoritest songs. See? I can’t be brief.

  10. A week without what now? Intro nets? Is that like fishing 101? Or hoops for dummies? Because I know you aren’t suggesting you have to go a week without the internet… I’m getting hives just thinking about it. I’ll send some positive thoughts your way.

    Now I’m off to figure out where you hear all of these cool songs from!

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