I Guess I Could Have Just Quoted MLK Instead

There’s just too much pressure to write something profound and inspirational today.  Go ahead and call me chicken, but one of my single greatest skills is avoidance.  I’m also really good at changing the subject.

You know who just said something profound and inspirational last night?  My other non-sexual crush – you know, wee adorable Kurt from Glee?  Well he won a Golden Globe last night and gave the best acceptance speech in the history of award shows.  I want to lick him.  In a non-sexy way.  You know, like lick him only in the places you’d lick your own mother.  Unless you were some kind of Oedipal freak.  But that’s just weird and off topic.  Just in case you missed it, here it is again:

Here’s to equal rights for all people some day, eh?  And to basic common human decency.  And to peace.  And to freedom from Black Swan nightmares accompanied by a Rod Stewart soundtrack.

To steal SubWow’s line, “Ukes not Nukes.”


  1. I read somewhere that “tongue baths” are going to be the new craze at Spa’s in 2011.

    OK, not really, but I gotta believe there is a market for it.

      1. I’m currently undergoing rehabilitation for simple tasks like “how to file and clip my fingernails without having a flashback of demented ballerinas” but as soon as I feel better I’ll take my licking skills public.
        This tongue is a national treasure.
        OR so I’ve been told.
        Right now it’s covered in flu juice and I can’t breathe out of my nose. So that has to clear up before I start.

  2. I am a TV loser. I’ve never seen Glee.
    *Or American Idol, Survivor, The Amazing Race, Gray’s Anatomy, Desperate Houswives, ….*
    But… yeah for him!! 😀

  3. I loved that and I’ve never even watched one Glee episode.

    Can’t help it. I know my weaknesses and can’t afford another addiction (-:

    ( SubWow’s line btw…well that is just the best!)

  4. thank God for the box a tissues i had next to me last night, because he totally made me cry. yes, that boy melted my cold dead heart.

  5. I totally get the “where you would lick your mom” thing. Like only in the closet during Church and she shushes you when someone walks by. Good times.

    Is that creepy? I think it might be creepy.

  6. I know what you are talking about. When a topic is important, emotional, and has been written about ad nauseum already, I get really intimidated. Like, what on earth can I add that hasn’t already been said by people far more intelligent/insightful/talented than I. I’m sure there’s a counter to this, but I’m at a loss.

  7. I love that kid. I adore the character. My kids and I watched Glee on DVDs (Losers I know) and at first I was concerned about the reception of the character Kurt by my kids simply because at their age, esp. my oldest being 12, the subject of homosexuality could be a touchy one or at least elicit giggles of discomfort. They absolutely made me proud when they got what he was going through and what his father was going through. My oldest commented that Kurt is his favorite character on the show because he has the most trials and tribulations to deal with. I truly believe that every high school should make Glee mandatory viewing in some class with guided discussions. That show has THE BEST exploration and discussion of gay teen experiences anywhere in the mass media. And it comes from FOX, isn’t it amazing?

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