I Could Have Sworn It Was Grease

Me:  I need a word.

Thom:  Bird.

Me:  No.

Thom:  The bird is the word.

Me:  No, it’s like “frequent” but it’s not that.

Thom:  Elly, I don’t know if you’ve heard but the bird is the word.

Me:  Bird is not the word.  It has more syllables.  And it’s a verb.

Thom:  The bird, bird, bird – the bird is the word.

Me:  You know, like when you frequent a restaurant?  But it’s more than that.  Sort of like an endorsement or something?

Thom:  Ba boppa um mau mau.  Boppa um mau ma mau.

Me:  Uh, no.  Still not it.  It doesn’t have to be a restaurant.  It could be any sort of business.

Thom:  Patronize.  Like what’s happening here.

Me:  Yes!  Wait, you were listening?

Thom: Don’t you know about the bird?  The bird, bird, bird – the bird is the word.

Me:  Good talk.


  1. I now have Magic Dance from Labyrinth running through my head thanks to “Don’t you know about the bird?”

    “You remind me of the babe! (What babe?)
    “Babe with the power! (What power?)
    “Power of voodoo!”

    What a mesmerizing package…

    (I just recently found your blog, thanks to Patty Punker whom I love, and I thought this would be a good time to de-lurk.)

    1. Who do?
      You do!
      Do what?
      Remind me of the babe!

      Will you marry me and together we’ll travel the world preaching the joys of Patty Punker and David Bowie in a cod piece?

      1. Sounds like fun! But we’ll have to take lots of video of our antics to send back to my bereft husband… It’s a deal we have. I’m allowed to leave him for another woman if and only if I send him regular ::cough:: home movies to ease his sorrows.

    2. The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer – Shirley Temple and Cary Grant.

      Hey, you remind me of a man.
      What man?
      Man with the power.
      What power?
      Power of hoodoo.
      You do.
      Do what?
      Remind me of a man…

      1. I love it!

        I love Cary Grant, but I’ve never seen that particular Cary Grant movie. I found that scene on youtube though! Great stuff!

  2. That is the most genius conversation that ever happened in the history of the world.

    If I could have dinner with any three people, living or dead, I would choose Jesus, you and Thom.

    Fuck Einstein AND Edison, is what I’m saying.

    1. That sounds like one hell of a sordid after party. Though Edison is always trying to get a little too freaky with the horns from those gramophones, doncha think?

  3. Shoot, this is going to be in my head for the rest of the night. And I have parent-teacher conferences? The parents are gonna pull their kids from my room when I keep singing this to them. Wait — BRILLIANT! Thank you!

  4. Meanwhile, down in Kentucky……
    …met a girl, cute as could be,….
    Don’t put Grease in the fucking title and then have a five minute conversation patronizing me like that!

  5. Reminds me of a coworker that used to tap his mouse to the tune of Cake’s Short Skirt, Long Jacket… Only 12 million times more annoying and yet just as easy to block whilst in conversation…

  6. anyone who can write a post surrounding ramones lyrics is my own personal jesus. rip joey ramone.

    also i want a polygamy retreat with you and melme, damnit!

  7. Grease is the word, grease is the word that you heard, it’s got groove, it’s got meaning, grease is the time is the place is the motion….


    Fun post though…

    1. Yes, but thanks to you I finally got that bird song out of my head! Of course, now I’ve been humming Rock Lobster all morning…

  8. i’ve had the “bird is the word” stuck in my head for two days. this is why i am just now commenting…i was busy running around singing it to everyone i know so they too could live with the torture. i’m so giving.

    b-b-b-bird bird bird the *punches face*

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