I and Love and Uke

There is nothing more ridiculous than a pregnant lady trying to hold a ukulele.  So you’re welcome.  Again.

Be warned, this is a long one.  I just didn’t have the heart to cut a verse out because the words are just lovely.  Plus they’re from NC.  The band that is.  I guess the verses are too, then.  And you know how I love my Carolina boys.  And girls.  And verses.  And biscuits.

Focus, El.

Oh here’s the video.  I’m too pregnant to write a decent introduction.  Or put on socks.  Or stop whining about how pregnant I am, apparently.  The end.

Let’s all cross or fingers and hope that Tom G. is right and it’s MotherfuckingBirthTime.

And because I’m all about the two for one deals, how about another mind blowing uke song?  Fortunately, this one is not from me.  It’s from my new hero, Dora Dale.  Dig what she did to House of Pain.

Mind.  Blowing.


  1. well – for your sake, even though you obstinately kept from having Paul on my birthday, I hope you pop him out soon.

  2. I love this song. I mean, the Avett version is cool and all, but you and the lovely Ithabella just OWN this one.

    Happy MotherFuckinBabyTime already!

  3. Absolutely lovely. Dora Dale’s song made me laugh out loud.

    Hope we don’t see you next week too (In the nicest possible way, of course).

  4. Using my spoon bending mind powers to encourage Paul to exit your nether regions ASAP. I have promised him a puppy and an x box should he exit swiftly and with minimal nether region destruction, so you may want to send Rocco out on a shopping run.

  5. You can really jam out with your clam out! Thank you so much–I TOTALLY HEART this!!!!!! Also, are BJ’s REALLY necessary if it’s birthday gift? just wondering…..

  6. I think I’m having sympathetic preggo symptoms because this made me a little misty and I was all, hell yeah subWow, she DOES look really beautiful. *sniff*
    Vacate the vag Paul, no more havoc on the hormones plz.

  7. Long time reader, first time commenter.
    Maybe Paul’s holding off on exiting because he thinks you’ll regret not contributing to the website of awkward pregnancy photos…

  8. Great Song! And Great rentition of it! You know, if Krissy skips the BJ, I may blow Scott for suggesting this one.

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