Homesick Ukulele

Maybe its the weather.  Maybe its because I’ve been reading too much of Alyson with her southern drawl and chicken biscuits.  Maybe its just ’cause it’s been a few months since I last visited.  Regardless, I’m homesick.


So here’s a little Dylan for you, courtesy of Isabella and her gigantic booty that for some reason I can’t seem to fit under my boob while sitting in my desk chair.  But that’s a story for another day.

Happy Friday, my lovelies.  Wish me luck with building one of these by Sunday.  And it goes without saying that this entire weekend is MFBT, right?


  1. Awwww … now I wish I were hanging out at Ham’s, having a beer and some Ham’s chips.

    And some ranch dressing. All sorts of ranch dressing.

  2. Not only is it Motherfuckingboozetime, but when the lovely Isabella makes a special appearance it’s also MotherFuckingBootyTime! ROWR!!!

  3. Everytime I watch your videos I feel like there’s an elephant in the room, but the elephant is how cute you are, and why isn’t everybody talking about that??! Really. Fucking. Awkward.

    1. You know, people are going to start to figure out I pay you to be nice to me. Maybe take it down just a teensy tiny notch. SELL it, Becky.

  4. that was tender and sweet like aunt shelby’s sweet potato pie. (it sounds cooler with the southern drawl i’m using in my head.)

    happy MFBT, biddy!

    ps: totally dig those framed rock albums and posters in the background.

  5. The snackfood stadium is just the right touch for the Superbowl but one day you and I will sit down and construct a replica of the Roman Coliseum with only spit, shellfish and our wits.

  6. Also, I feel like you should be bundled up in a colorful afgan in the back of my car while I drive you down to Carolina for a little face time with family!

  7. As I am reading, MissAttitude peeks at the link with the stadium and discover that is the BEST “birthday cake ” ever, and that she wants it right away… even there is 9 months until then…
    Right! now we have a (constant) conversation topic for the weekend 😛

  8. You + Isabella = gorgeous. Herbert and Isabella are a perfect couple too.

    Just after you played Red River Valley, my son learned it in his guitar lesson that week. I showed him your vid, and now he’s all about ukeleles. While I love him on his electric guitar, the ukelele would suit his personality, I think. He also wants to play the steel drums. Ha.

    1. One of those things is MUCH cheaper than the other. And more portable. And more likely to get you laid. Which is probably not what you’re going for.

  9. Definitely worth coming online with a sprained wrist, sprained ankle, sprained knee, and sprained hip for! LOL

    🙂 You are a star in our house – my kids would complain if they didn’t get their weekly fix. I would go into withdrawal too.

    I love the nonmusical blogs too though. They just don’t get to see those. 🙂

  10. Baby I am sorry that you are homesick! But you make good music when you are sad… 😉

    Yes I have been searching for a good collard green ever since I had the best one more than a decade ago.

  11. It’s the weather. Everyone, including my most chipper and positive of friends, has taken on this darker persona as of late. We should all walk around with super-amplified full spectrum lights and just blast people who are being downers. I’d appreciate it.

    Feel better.

  12. I’m always smiling after these things. And I’m not a smiler. Go figure.

    Walking in Memphis. (just a suggestion.) I bet I would lose my shit.

  13. Aw, go visit. And stop by to see me while you’re at it. 🙂

    Ok…it told me my comment was too short to post. How crazy is that? Ha. So I’m typing a bunch of nonsense. Hey, I got a Qtip stuck in my ear today. 🙂

  14. Awww I hate when your sad (even if you still sound so beautiful!) And not this will make you less homesick but did I tell you that I got a ukulele for Christmas?

    Yes, naturally I suck but that’s not the point.

    I just wanted to make you aware of your huge responsibility in the spike in ukulee sales everywhere!

    Now go make that stadium sing! (-:

  15. Ok, I’m back. Apparently commenting on my phone is never a good idea. Noted.

    Just watched the video. How freaking cute are you?! That was lovely. I could watch it all day.

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