Hoboken Dance Off

I heart Hoboken.  Madly.  As much as I joke about how it’s completely overrun with frat boys that recently graduated to Wall Street, I will be incredibly sad to leave the joint.  I particularly love my little corner of the ‘boken and our cast of characters.

When the weather turns nice, a strange but adorable man can be seen standing on the corner of 14th and Washington damn near any day of the summer.  Standing might not be quite the right word…maybe strutting, or shimmying, or sashaying.  Hell, he’s just workin’ it.  From sun up to sun down he diligently dances his fool feet off to keep us entertained.  Usually he’s singing along with his walkman at the top of his lungs.  (Mariah is one of his favorites.)  This man rivals Rocco’s singing chops.  Dogs howl along and you’re never quite sure which voice is which.  What he lacks in skill, he makes up with repetition and volume.  By August he develops a farmers tan worthy of  a world record.  When friend come to visit, they often request a stop by his corner on our itinerary.  He is, in a word, fabulous.

Apparently I am not his only fan.  I can only hope I’m able to witness another dance-off before the relocation.  Let the jaw dropping commence.