Hey Uke

I swear I brushed my hair at least once this week, though you’d never know it from today’s video.  And why didn’t anyone tell me to take prenatal vitamins when I finished chemo?  I could have regrown my entire head of hair in a week on these bad boys.

I’m wandering off topic again.  Surprise.

So here’s the song Jerrod actually requested like seventeen months ago.  Sorry Jerrod.  I’m sure this is just EXACTLY what you had in mind when you requested this song.

Happy Mother Earth Daying Booze Time.


  1. Elly Elly Elly. Look at you. Being all awesome and smooth. I’ve decided that when I get married (stop laughing)…I’m flying you out to have you sing. No no…it’s already been decided and my foot is down. (can I even do that?)

    It was so pretty Elly… And I loved your take on it. It was actually what I thought you would do but was better than what I was thinking. If that makes sense.

    Now go brush your hair. Again.

  2. Blown away! Words can’t describe how I feel right now. I love you so fucking much! That was beautiful I want to marry you and knock you up. Step aside Rocco. No, I love Rocco too. Elly you’re so sweet and thoughtful. Thank you baby! Xoxoxoxo

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