Hey Good Lookin’

Why yes, I am talking to you, you fetching specimen, you.  You.

So part of the problem with having a long delay between posts (or uke videos) is that whole gee-I-should-probably-wait-until-I-can-come-back-with-something-amazing-before-I-think-about-posting-again feeling.


But I’ve missed you people, damnit.  And making things.  Other than breast milk.  (And yes, I did eventually stop doing that.  Can you believe that announcement wasn’t spread over fifteen posts?)  So I’m trying to make myself just start posting for the sake of posting.


Under that heading, *coughs* a uke video.

I’m remembering now why so many of these were recorded while drunk.  Lemme see what I can do about bringing that tradition back.  I mean, it is MFBT and all…


  1. Oh and ps- I have the same trilevel shelving unit in my house. I’ll take a pic and we can discuss later. Mine was so pointy I had to turn it backwards so my kids didn’t take out their eyes on the sharp metal parts..

  2. I have missed MFBT!!! …..and you….and the uke!!! Sigh…happy, contented sigh….

  3. TahDah!!!! You did great! (It’s a rhythm thing (but you aren’t catholic, are you?)!) I’m glad you’re back. It wasn’t Friday w/o MFBT and the weekly Uke extravaganza.

    Missed you bunches. Hope you are okay (you looook mahvalouhs, dalink).

  4. Whatever you’re selling, I’m buying. If you decide to sell the uke version of MIA’s Paper Planes I’m paying big imaginary dolla bills. Consider that an official request.

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