Herbert Might Be Made of Cheese

Yes this is probably the single cheesiest thing I’ve ever done in my life.  Unless you count LiLo’s…yeah, that again.  But really, you should break out a box of crackers and a box of wine before watching this.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

Happy motherfucking booze time, my beauties.


  1. Here’s to motherfucking booze time & Surviving!! You complete my Friday’s lady!! Also, I love damp just as much as the next mushroom 😉

  2. fanfuckingtastic. A toast to surviving and motherfucking booze time. (so relieved that it is mfbt because I wasn’t sure after your comment this morning about being sober while reading my blog. I thought, what? Kahlua goes with ice cream.)

  3. you’re like the cheeze whiz! and nothing pairs better with cheeze whiz than franzia. so my box is tapped (like lilo’s …)and i’m off to celebrate you, herbert, that crazy cute mushroom and motherfucking booze time.

  4. you my dear have left me with goosebumps and tears in my eyes. you are amazing. and I hugging my laptop, I hope you can feel it. *SQUEEZE*

  5. Happy MotherFuckingBoozeTime, ShroomTime, Cheeze and Wine Time and whatever other indulgences you care to partake of my beautiful co-survivor. I love you! Surviving is good. Gloria Gaynor has been put to shame by you and Herbert!

  6. This is the song I have sung to my daughter each and every time she’s had her heart broken. It’s a ritual. And once, in a shoe store in the city it came on the Muzak. We sang along and danced. It was priceless. Until we were asked to leave the store. Oh well, that wasn’t the first time.

    You sound way better than I do though. Or maybe it’s Herbert. Loved it!!

    And super freakin congrats on the survivor status. I knew there was good will in the Universe.


  7. YAY! YEAH! *holds up cigarette lighter flame and sways back and forth* GO GIRL! YOU WILL SURVIVE! FUCK OFF, CANCER, NO ONE WANTS YOU HERE!

    Wow! The 70s just flashed in front of my eyes! That was the last time I was at such a KICK-ASS CONCERT! Okay, must stop yelling now.

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