Her First Period

Just a short one today because my hands are too swollen to type.  More on that later.  That’s what she said.  Or something.


This is 90% safe for work.  With headphones it’s 100% safe for work.  Also it’s 100% squirmy.  Not unlike my parasite.

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  1. i just about peed my pants watching that.
    soo freakin’ funny.
    thank god you are back, i’ve missed your daily shenanigans.

  2. Yep, looking forward to that conversation.

    Does it count as paternal advive if I stick my fingers in my ears and vigorously shake my head whilst shouting “AGGAGGAGGAGGAGG!”?

  3. Well, I thought it was 100% safe for work since I work from home…but I must have been listening loudly if you my future son-in-law’s face was anything to go by…LOL.

    How can he be so squeamish? We just watched a baby come out of my daughter’s vagina a week ago.


  4. thank you for finding me, so that I could find you. (said with upswing inflection on last word, in that oh, so canadian way.)

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