Hello My Uke Time Gal

Today’s post is brought to you by the letter T…as in technical difficulties…also as in UTI.  Can you guess what kind of day I’m having so far?

So here’s a half-ass uke video frantically recorded after waiting four hours to pee into a cup.  I feel like Lindsay Lohan.  Can you at least spot me twenty points for managing to shower?

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  1. Have I mentioned I fuckin’ lurv you to pieces???!!!

    Seriously, the mouth harp thing would have added to it though. Maybe we could do a duet? I am great with the mouth harp! *wakawaka*

  2. oh no! do you really have a UTI?! bc that shit is the WORST (not that i need to tell you this). i — USED to get them more often than i’d like to admit and i’ve always sworn that i’d never wish them upon my worst enemy.

    not that you’re that. you ARE, however, my favorite cutiepants uke-playing gal on the innernet. just so ya know…

  3. You’d never know you had a UTI. I mean you’re smiling and playing beautifully and not writhing in pain or anything. Must be the cuteness. Cuteness masks SO many things.

    Sorry your UT is Ied! Feel better!

  4. Oh No! I hope everything comes out ok (uh, pun not intended).

    BTW – They have a big? Uke Group here!! They get together regularly to play, and even made the local paper recently. the organizer owns about 18 ukes.

  5. Oh My God. You are the cutest thing ever! Every time you flash those big eyes another heart breaks. Sigh… if Justin Timberlake only knew what he was missing.

  6. *flips the bird at UTI*

    i hope you are feeling better. UTI’s suck ballz.

    on a happy note: your uke’ing gives me goosebumps. srsly, you are sofa king adorable! and i heart you.

  7. Ah! Adorable! Love it completely.

    But here’s something no one loves…goddamn UTI’s. Last year I got one every month or so for about 3 months. Emergency Room bad. I thought I was going to die. UTI’s were surely manufactured by someone very evil.

  8. Sweet! I would have never guessed about the UTI from watching this. I think it added something to the performance.

    I know a guy who lives in Brooklyn who is seriously like a professional mouth-trumpeter. I can get you in touch with him if you want. He’s single too!

    1. A professional mouth-trumpeter? I think my brain just exploded from the gazillion one-liners that just flooded my brain. Hard to imagine no one has snapped up a professional mouth-trumpeter yet…

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