Hello (I Still Don’t Know How to Work the Word “Uke” Into A Single Word Title and It Frustrates Me But There’s Cold Beer Waiting, Damnit So Let’s Just Move On Already)

It’s like Fiona Apple came up with the title for this post, eh?

Also you can’t use pictures as titles.  Otherwise….

And I’m thinking that between now and Valentine’s Day, all the Friday ukes should be cheesy love songs.  I have a few in mind, but I’m totally open to suggestions, too.  And large sums of money.  And glitter canons.  Any of those things.  Send ’em my way.

But enough about next week, here’s some ridiculous uke-age.  You’re welcome.  And yes, my attention span is as good as it’s ever been.

That’s just about enough of that, eh?  I just remembered there’s a case of beer in the trunk of my car.  The end.  Until next week when I may or may not have my shit together enough to get something posted, happy MFBT.


  1. i love you sofa king much.

    “it’s just a cat, nobody panic.” <—-slayed me.

    also, your shirt is the shit. seriously. it does feel good to be gangsta.

    Hall and Oates approve.

  2. Zomgs, Close to You(Uke), Carpenters. Careless Whisper. Everything I Do(I Do it For You). I Would Do Anything For You, But I Won’t Do That.
    This is gonna be epic.

  3. Erm, why yes it IS me you are looking for. *grin*

    and you know? I love you MORE. ps. bazoonga, you make me hurt just lookin’ at ya. On two sides, ifyaknowhatImean.

  4. You said “Iwonderwhereyouare” so quickly at one point I thought you said something about underwear. Classic. And now Friday is better.

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