Happy Father’s Day to Uke

It’s a tiny bit early, but I have to pause and wish a happy Father’s Day to the cutest dad in the history of the universe.  And I’m not just saying that because Mom tells me he’s rigged some sort of fancy, home-made cat toy down in his wood shop involving paper balls and a fishing pole for Mildred and Lucy.

…and this picture I snapped on my last visit home has nothing to do with that statement, either.

Can you see the family resemblance?

Why yes, that IS a ginormous bottle of wine.  Lucky bastard.  *sigh*

On to the uke-ing!  Obviously I haven’t found my hairbrush yet.  Also, please congratulate Lucky on her YouTube debut.  Also?  I don’t really remember.  But it’s the thought that counts, right?

See you when I get back from Ohio!  Until then, clink one for me while you’re getting your motherfuckingboozetime on, bitches!


  1. Oh Laws, kitty done kicked the camera over. I love new kitty, she’s got spunk.

    Also, brava to you, or maybe to random coincidence, on the frame that’s displaying before you hit play.

  2. Great video. Why it was just like being there. Especially the part where the camera starts by staring at your boobs before you reach over and smack it in the head. Happens to me ALL the time.

  3. I love you. I love your Dad and now I get why I love you. I love your cat. littleb heard your voice and came running. “Is that your friend? She’s nice”. Yes, she is. So where can I get some of that Virginia Creeper? It’s not carnivorous, is it? Will it eat me? God, I crack myself up. And yet I wonder will I ever grow up? Sigh.

  4. It IS the thought that counts but who’s counting? Your Dad. It looks like he’s counting with his fingers but he only made it to one.
    wtf am I talking about? Sorry. Drun

  5. So the Bubs is an Elly junkie and requires that I play each and every Uke Friday song on repeat for so long that I begin to pull out my own hair to stuff inside my ears in my quest for silence.
    So now my two year old is spinning around in giddy circles to the ‘dirty train song’ as he so lovingly calls it and is in hysterics from the image of your dad merrily flipping him off while downing large quantities of booze.
    I was wondering if next week you could work in some meth smoking and bestial prostitution? I’m hoping to have ALL of the awkward convos before he turns three.

  6. This one’s for you, daddy’s girl! I wasn’t gonna have another, but since you insist…

    I’m a sucker for a successful father-daughter relationships. I wish that too for my potential daughter some day.

    Also? Can we trade dads? Just for like, a half hour? Just whenever’s good for you. Think it over, ‘kay?

  7. What do you mean the song is dirty? It is just a song about a train chugging along into a train station. Like Thomas the Tank Engine. I do not get it at all…

    On another note, Happy Father’s Day!

  8. Five forty two in the morning or evening?
    Also, I’m with Lin. This is a beautiful song about a southbound freight train.

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