Happy Endings

Rocco (paying far more attention to his phone than the road):  Goddamnit!

Me:  What?

Rocco:  Joe keeps updating his status with the score of the soccer game.

Me:  And you don’t want to know who’s winning?

Rocco:  I’m taping it at home.  He’s ruining it for me.

Me:  You watch baseball games where you already know who wins all the time.  ALL THE TIME.  Some are four decades old!

Rocco:  Soccer isn’t like baseball.  You can watch baseball over and over again, appreciating each play in a new way.  Soccer isn’t like that.  I just can’t enjoy it if I know how it ends.

Thom (piping in from the back seat):  What about porn?  You always know how that’s going to end.  Doesn’t mean it’s not still enjoyable.