I had a ridiculously wonderful night last night.  I went to opening night for HAIR.  The show was fan-frickin-tastic!  It’s a great show and this cast really brings it to life.  The chemistry between them is redunk – particularly between Berger and Claude.  But the whole cast really is filled with love, man.  I can dig it.

I saw the show about a month ago in previews.  While I enjoyed it, I didn’t love love LOVE it.  They’ve worked on the piece quite a bit and the cast is even more in love with each other now – which really sent last night’s performance over the moon.  I’m singing the Age of Aquarius at the top of my lungs, beaming, and spinning with joy.  THAT was a musical.  THAT was a show.  THAT was fantastic.  I’m still all aglow.

I keep thinking about the directors, writers, designers for the show.  I wonder what it must feel like to sit in the seats, looking up at that stage, seeing it all come together, and knowing that you were a part of that creation.  That must be such a feeling of pride and accomplishment.  To create beauty – that must be the best gig ever.

We then cruised over to the opening night party at Gotham Hall.  The venue was great, the food was delicious, and the DJ was making me wicked happy.  I decided to rock the daiquiri ice wig which is always an excellent ice breaker in social situations.  I met a fascinating astrologer named Shelley Ackerman (also a Libra). She was practically doing my chart in her head!  She had such fantastic energy and I couldn’t imagine a more appropriate interaction at a party for HAIR.  Well, I suppose I could have bought a hit of acid or something but this was a little more my speed (minus the actual speed).

Again though, the love fest just moved with the group to the new venue.  Everyone was beaming, chatting, interacting, hugging, drinking, rejoicing.  The celebs mingled with the common man.  The cast and the crew all know each other and no one pulled a diva card.  I drank in every ounce of that feeling of life, the energy of youth and health and hope.  The open bars of course didn’t hurt (not even the next morning).  I’m singing I Got Life and grinning ear to ear while typing.

Go see HAIR.  Go now.  Go often.  Feel good. Yay.