I’m having a day.  Computer go boom.

So I’m cobbling things together on netbooks, cellphones, and Ouija Boards while trying to back up all the photos of Thom in drag and my pajama clad ass on bad hair mornings.  I’m not a happy girl.  I’m fully sporting my “fuck you computer, I can’t believe you’re pulling this shit after all we’ve been through” vagina face.

I should have known we were over when she started playing Rod Stewart on endless loop.

So this one goes out to you, computer.  You’ll either bend to my will or I will post your ass on Freecycle.  Suck it.


    1. Um. I don’t really water my cat either, ps. I do prune both her and the computer occasionally. Thanks for the support and vote of confidence. Remind me to slap you later.

  1. i feel your pain. mine was freaking out yesterday too. i think it knows that the hard drive i back up to is packed in a box in maryland somewhere for another month. grrrrr……

    1. Lovely. The good news is that I had all my files already backed up on an external hard drive. The bad news is that drive failed last week. Yay. I think I’ve got this old girl limping for a little while longer though…just…ya know…minus all the useful stuff she had before. Oh yay.

  2. Wow. I can offer…exactly no help. Turn off, then on again, that’s the extent of my computer knowledge. Apply Vaseline. Curse.

    See? No help. But I promise we’ll all be here waiting for you whenever you get back to Interwebzing.
    .-= Falling´s last blog ..Life in the Big House =-.

    1. I’m not entirely sure what that means. I thought they made phones. Wait, is this some kid oriented thing I don’t know about like what the hell ever that flat stanley thing is?

  3. Well, in a perfect world, your number 1 backup guy, who should have a rank of about 8, should probably be a computer tech, ummm, of course, Rocco needs to be completely oblivious to this, so keep your “innocent as the snow that falls from the skies of hell” vagina face when you are with him…….oh, and since you’re a woman, you will, of course, be a whore. 😉

    Sorry you’re having rotten luck, but at least you still have fabulous musical soundtrack of your life capabilities!!

    1. Whipping out my “I’m trying not to laugh ’cause there’s spinach in my teeth and someone might see so I’ll just embrace a closed-mouth snicker instead” vagina face.

  4. I do sympathise! Mine’s on go-slow with occasional random shitting (oops, meant shutting, but hey) down in the middle of things. But I *self-satisfied smirk* back up on regular basis – almost daily it’s got me so edgy! Rod Stewart was just a cry for help – as is so often the case.

    Have you tried banging it realy hard against a hard surface?
    .-= BrokenBIro´s last blog ..Liverpool’s Second Most Romantic Poet =-.

  5. When you have splosions the rest of us suffer. Mrsblogalot has a v-tech? That is awesome. This comment is like a lot of random unrelated statements that I just pieced together and doesn’t make much sense.
    .-= Kelly´s last blog ..Alone =-.

    1. I’m super good at denial. It’s kinda my thing. Like I just told my husband I could totally get another year out of this machine and we shouldn’t research a new computer.

      The spirits told me so.

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